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Three Big Changes

A few needed changes this week.

Change #1
I think I win the award for blog wishy-washiness. I’m ALREADY ending my good news link up. I’ve sincerely enjoyed reading those posts and appreciated everyone who participated!

I plan to keep blogging this year, but I’m slowing down even more.  Thus, I’ll be taking another week and half off starting tomorrow!

Change #2
Google Friend Connect will be leaving me before I get back, so I’m wondering if things will be very silent when I return.  To keep in touch you can sign up for my feed or an email subscription.  I will eat a celebratory bowl of ice cream in your honor if you do!

And most importantly,
Change #3
I got a new hairstyle–bangs!Despite previous bang disasters, this time I loved how it turned out!  I was anxious to show my family.  As I walk inside, my six-year-old, Evie, just gapes at me speechless. Then, she yells to her sister, “Look at Mom!”

Seven-year-old Dani wasn’t speechless. “It’s weird. It’s soooo weird.”

My husband now walks into the room and pauses to stare at me, pensively.

“You like it?” I ask.

It looks much…straighter.  And something else is different too.  What is it?”

“I have bangs.”

“I’m not so sure about those.”

“I can’t change them back!”

“Oh, I mean it looks lovely.”

 Dani pipes up again, “It’s just really weird.”

“It’s not very nice to say someone looks weird.”

I thought this would put an end to it. But! She starts crying!

Through her tears, “I really miss your old hair! It was so beautiful.  Why did you have to change it?”

I pinned the offending bangs back with a barrette.

“Yes.” she whimpers.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Year: Growing out my bangs, again.

Have a great week!  I’ll see you all soon!

Good News! Drinks on Me

My three-year-old, Mase, was so proud to show me.   He made a drink, all by himself.   His little brother, Dax,  was desperate to have some of the pretty liquid.  Note the hand.

Once I realized the only evident source, I snapped a quick photo and confiscated the alluring warm beverage.  My half-shirted toddler was furious.

Lucky for him, Mase seems to be making an endless supply.  Three cups just yesterday.

So, my good news:  Nobody drank the “kool-aid”…yet.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Appreciating the adventure of having boys. 

Add your good news below!

Motherly Mishaps

empty bottle of juiceI’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a mom.  Yet, some days are more successful than others.

Last week my six-year-old, Evie, got some juice out of the fridge without asking.    She insisted that she did ask, but I knew she couldn’t be trusted.  I sent her to her room for a couple of minutes.

This week Evie made sure to inquire before taking the juice.

Can I please have some juice?

Yes, you can, but just a little.

(She heads to the kitchen, then comes back about ten seconds later without juice.)

Mom, did you mean it?  Were you really listening, or was this just one of those times when you said you were listening, but not really listening, and then going to get mad at me for getting juice?

And a late-night story, courtesy of my three-year-old.

Mommy, can I tell you something?

What? That you’re being naughty and don’t want to go to bed?

No, just that I love you.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Lowering my motherly mishap rate.

I’ll be linking this to “Proud” Mommy Moments on Thursday.


I hear it–a confident knock on the door.

My kids race to open it.


It’s too late.

There they are.  Two well-dressed, 20-something boys ready to sell me something.

“Let me first say we’re not selling anything.”

My spidey senses are tingling.  “You promise?”

“Yes.  We just have a quick survey we’re doing for a college class, only five questions.”


They proceed to ask me five retirement financial questions.  I answered, but there’s more.

“Now which age range are you in?  25-35?”

“Yes, for a few more days?”

“Happy birthday!  You’re turning 26?”

That didn’t even make sense, as I would obviously be turning 36 if I were graduating out of the age group.  But he moved on fast.

“You just look so young!”

Apparently, he wasn’t standing close enough to see my gray roots.  Yet the flattery was appreciated!

We’re giving everyone a $15 gift certificate–you just need to have someone come give you some free financial information.  It’s not sales.  We have to sit in on the appointment to get credit for the college course.

“My husband isn’t home most nights.  Sorry guys.”

“Mornings will work.”

“Mornings don’t work either.”

“We have Saturdays available too.”

Doh!  And here’s where the ridiculousness comes in.  They’d already spent so much time talking to me that I felt guilty saying no!  But I wasn’t giving in.

“This Saturday’s busy.”

“Next Saturday will work.”

“I’ll probably cancel.”

“Oh, you can cancel when someone calls to confirm the appointment.  No problem.”



Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Cancelling the appointment.  Must!  Stay!  Strong!

Have you been caught before?

Good News! Regression Repression

You know how some days you feel like you’re regressing.  You feel grumpier, the house gets messier, and the kids are fighting more and more!  Maybe that’s just me.  Yet!  There’s been a plethora of recent good news to break up my regression.


My second grader, Dani, is anti-reading.  I’ve tried nearly every type of book imaginable to get her excited about it…nothing.  But finally, I found a winner!
FablehavenFablehaven book 1  A slightly too advanced and too scary winner for a seven-year-old, but I’m OK with that.
She LOVES it.


My binky-obsessed toddler hasn’t slowed down with his ascensions.
Here’s a recent climbing conquest, my closet.His adventure last night wasn’t quite as successful.  After climbing into his highchair, Dax got stuck on the descent.   And amid his perilous dilemma, he uttered his first three word sentence,

“Mommy, help me!”

Finally #3

My husband bought some local recreation passes.  I was against the idea.  Though after seeing the online receipt, I admit, I may have underestimated my husband’s investment wisdom.   Now if I could just convince my dear spouse that some of our “saved” money should go toward a new camera for me.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Taking turns reading with my daughter. 

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Family Politics

My husband and I watch and read an abundance of news, especially in big election years.  I’m always curious to see the different strategies the candidates employ.

My kids would fit right in.

My seven-year-old Dani is the sly politician.  Always coming up with some new scheme for the benefit of herself and her fellow little people.

Six-year-old Evie is the slightly unethical campaign financial donor.   She finds and steals all change laying around our house.

Last week the politician promised to get everyone gumballs from the candy machine at Walmart.  The financial donor agreed to fund the covert mission.

Unfortunately the campaign strategist (me) ended their sneaky fiasco.

Luckily, my three-year-old statistical analyst came to the rescue.  Mase discovered there is almost a 75% probability that there will be some type of fallen candy under EVERY Walmart isle.

I was worried about the sanitary nature of the candy.  Mase thought of that too.  He made sure to test the candy out on the one-year-old intern first.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Keeping a close eye out for any
new campaign promises.

It was so nice to take a break, but I’m anxious to catch up with everyone.

Don’t forget to add your good news this Friday!

Almost Back!

This blog will be back in working order by Wednesday.

And now, I leave you with a random candid photo I’ve entitled,

Attack of the Giant Climbing One-Year-Old

Hope everyone’s doing well!

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Week:  Writing some posts.

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Good News! Taking A Break

Yesterday was my one year blog anniversary!   One year!   It’s been such a wonderful experience.   But lately, I think I’ve been taking my blogging self a little too seriously.

So, I’m doing my own type of celebration!  I’m taking a blogging vacation–for all of next week!

Now, what to do with my myself…

I’m going to read this book.Pope Joan

I’ll be spending more quality evening time with Netflix my husband.

And if I get extra ambitious,
I plan to resuscitate our slightly over-loved miscellaneous drawer.messy miscellaneous drawer

maybe I’ll just glue that drawer shut.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of My Vacation: Re-energizing for another fun year of blogging.

I forgot to remind everyone to link up this week, so hopefully I’ll still get a few participants.  Details are here.  I’ve sincerely enjoyed reading your good news posts!  No link up next week because of my break, but my Good News meme will be back on February 10th.

Make sure to grab a button from my sidebar and add it to your post, then join in below. And if you can, take a minute to celebrate some good news with another blogger.  I loved how everyone was supportive of each other last week.

Makeup: Why Do You Wear It?

same woman with and without makeup

“When can I start wearing real makeup mom?”

“Never.  Why do you want to wear it?”

“To make me look prettier. ”

“You are beautiful.  Makeup couldn’t make you look any prettier.”

“Then why do you wear it, mom?”

This was part of a conversation I just had with my seven-year-old daughter.

There were two recent studies done about makeup.   Twenty-five women were photographed with no makeup, then with three make-up styles: natural, professional, and glamorous.

The first study had 149 adults (61 of them men) judge various female faces for 250 ms.  In the second study 119 adults (30 men) were given unlimited time to inspect each face.

For the quick-glance study, makeup had a significant positive impact on all four attributes tested: attractiveness, competence, likability, and trustworthiness.

Participants also gave a higher positive response to those who wore the makeup when they had an unlimited time to view the photos, but the glamorous look had a significant negative effect on trustworthiness.

Except for my blue eye shadow obsession in high school, I’ve never been a huge makeup fan…until now.  My face has started demanding it!  I feel better when those dark circles are covered, my eyelashes are visible, and my white cloud-like mug has some color.

And I’ll admit it!  I want to be viewed in a more likable light.  I don’t want people to think I look haggard, except for my husband.  For some reason I have no problem letting him see me without the makeup.   Maybe I should include my better half in my general frumpiness-while-at-home decision…I’ll have to ponder this.

Still, I want to teach my two daughters about inner beauty and natural beauty.  I’m not against them wearing pretend makeup occasionally, like my daughter did at a friend’s birthday party recently.  And I’m not opposed to them wearing real makeup far far down the road.

But I don’t want them to try and conform to all the latest styles and trends.  I want them to know a sincere smile adds more beauty than any lipstick.   I want them to be confident in their appearance.  And at the same time, I don’t want their appearance to be the foundation of their confidence.

I’d keep rambling on, but it’s late as I’m writing this and I still need to finish watching all the competent and likable women on this week’s Bachelor.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Making sure my girls know they are naturally beautiful.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Wacky White Wonders

I’m sharing some favorite family pastimes today.
We love…



Craftsspilled glue

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Staying in mess prevention mode.

I’ll be linking this up with Proud Mommy Moments on Thursday as I am proud my kids entertained themselves with toilet paper while I made dinner.


I’m closing comments again today.   Sorry.   I know you came all this way and then I do that!   I love comments.   Reading them is one of the highlights of my day.  But, I’ve been feeling a little behind lately.   And one of my recent blogging goals is to be OK with the time I have to give.  So closing comments for a day is just my way of taking a blogging breather.  Have a great Monday!