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Good News! Taking A Break

Yesterday was my one year blog anniversary!   One year!   It’s been such a wonderful experience.   But lately, I think I’ve been taking my blogging self a little too seriously.

So, I’m doing my own type of celebration!  I’m taking a blogging vacation–for all of next week!

Now, what to do with my myself…

I’m going to read this book.Pope Joan

I’ll be spending more quality evening time with Netflix my husband.

And if I get extra ambitious,
I plan to resuscitate our slightly over-loved miscellaneous drawer.messy miscellaneous drawer

maybe I’ll just glue that drawer shut.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of My Vacation: Re-energizing for another fun year of blogging.

I forgot to remind everyone to link up this week, so hopefully I’ll still get a few participants.  Details are here.  I’ve sincerely enjoyed reading your good news posts!  No link up next week because of my break, but my Good News meme will be back on February 10th.

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Makeup: Why Do You Wear It?

same woman with and without makeup

“When can I start wearing real makeup mom?”

“Never.  Why do you want to wear it?”

“To make me look prettier. ”

“You are beautiful.  Makeup couldn’t make you look any prettier.”

“Then why do you wear it, mom?”

This was part of a conversation I just had with my seven-year-old daughter.

There were two recent studies done about makeup.   Twenty-five women were photographed with no makeup, then with three make-up styles: natural, professional, and glamorous.

The first study had 149 adults (61 of them men) judge various female faces for 250 ms.  In the second study 119 adults (30 men) were given unlimited time to inspect each face.

For the quick-glance study, makeup had a significant positive impact on all four attributes tested: attractiveness, competence, likability, and trustworthiness.

Participants also gave a higher positive response to those who wore the makeup when they had an unlimited time to view the photos, but the glamorous look had a significant negative effect on trustworthiness.

Except for my blue eye shadow obsession in high school, I’ve never been a huge makeup fan…until now.  My face has started demanding it!  I feel better when those dark circles are covered, my eyelashes are visible, and my white cloud-like mug has some color.

And I’ll admit it!  I want to be viewed in a more likable light.  I don’t want people to think I look haggard, except for my husband.  For some reason I have no problem letting him see me without the makeup.   Maybe I should include my better half in my general frumpiness-while-at-home decision…I’ll have to ponder this.

Still, I want to teach my two daughters about inner beauty and natural beauty.  I’m not against them wearing pretend makeup occasionally, like my daughter did at a friend’s birthday party recently.  And I’m not opposed to them wearing real makeup far far down the road.

But I don’t want them to try and conform to all the latest styles and trends.  I want them to know a sincere smile adds more beauty than any lipstick.   I want them to be confident in their appearance.  And at the same time, I don’t want their appearance to be the foundation of their confidence.

I’d keep rambling on, but it’s late as I’m writing this and I still need to finish watching all the competent and likable women on this week’s Bachelor.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Making sure my girls know they are naturally beautiful.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Wacky White Wonders

I’m sharing some favorite family pastimes today.
We love…



Craftsspilled glue

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Staying in mess prevention mode.

I’ll be linking this up with Proud Mommy Moments on Thursday as I am proud my kids entertained themselves with toilet paper while I made dinner.


I’m closing comments again today.   Sorry.   I know you came all this way and then I do that!   I love comments.   Reading them is one of the highlights of my day.  But, I’ve been feeling a little behind lately.   And one of my recent blogging goals is to be OK with the time I have to give.  So closing comments for a day is just my way of taking a blogging breather.  Have a great Monday!

Good News! A Monumental Moment

me and my ham

My (often shy) six-year-old, Evie, is usually a complete ham around our family.  She’s started coming out of her shell in smaller groups, though kindergarten has been a challenge.  There are too many kids around to be her silly self.  Maybe that’s not such a bad thing for school.

At the daily school drop-off we’ve developed a pattern.

“Bye!  Have a great day at school!  I love you!” I yell.

With her back to me, she keeps walking away.  Doesn’t even flinch.  And NEVER looks back.

I even tried bribing her about a month ago.  I told her we’d have a party if she could respond, “Bye Mom!  I love you!  Your the best Mom in the world!”

I figured I’d aim high.  But…nothing.

This past Friday we were going through our usual routine.

“Love you!” I holler out the van door.

She starts walking away…then stops!  With her back still facing me, Evie turns her head slightly to the side.

“Bye.” I hear her say in the softest voice.

“Evie, you did it!  I knew you could!  I’m so proud of you!”

She just walks away and says nothing more, until I picked her up from school.

“Now when do I get my party?”

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Year:  Letting my daughter reveal her hammy self at her own pace.

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Anyone Else???

painted purple toes

Just wondering…

Anyone else LOVE looking through cookbooks and watching The Food Network much more than actually cooking?
Still hoping my love for cooking will blossom.

Anyone else paint their son’s toenails recently after he demanded it?
Actually, both sons, though only one foot each.

Anyone else have your daughter point at your chest as you’re getting out of the shower and say, “I don’t want those if they look like that!”

Anyone else tried to stop watching the Bachelor, but can’t stay away?
Our living room TV completely died Monday night.  Maybe that’s a sign.

Anyone else worry excessively about the future teenage years with one of their children?
Hoping I will laugh about my worrying later.  Ha ha….ha……ha.

Anyone else like the thermostat at a cozy 78?
My husband and I battle it out.  He prefers the temperature to be a freezing 65!

Anyone else wait until the last minute to write most of their posts?
Perhaps that’s a little obvious today. 🙂

Anyone else tired of me using the words anyone else?
Don’t answer that.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Cooking dinner and loving it.

And on an unrelated note:
My new Good News link up is every Friday right here, starting at 4:11 a. m., mountain time.   Hope you’ll find some good news from your week and join in.


Our family received some late Christmas presents from my parents.
Included was a lifetime supply of sprinkles with sprinkle shakers.

And here is one of the lovely shakers.  spilled sprinkles

Luckily, I had some assistance with the clean up. licking sprinkles

 Such helpful children.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal:  Keeping my floors clean enough to eat off of.

Have a wonderful Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

comments closed


Good News First Edition: Gullible

I think certain people see me like this.After a recent experience with a carpet cleaning guy, I even lived up to the gullible title.  But I’m changing my ways.


Since getting our new working toilets in November, my toddler has upped his flushing game.  Dax grabs anything he can find and tries to make it disappear into the depths of the alluring magical bowl.  He finally won the game!  Our hallway toilet was irreparably clogged.

My husband used a toilet snake and attempted to be the hero.  No luck.

He called a plumber.

It was another one of those great deals, only $40!   For that $40 the plumber spent a grand total of about five minutes in my bathroom.

It’s flushing again.

Really!?! Can I see?

I saw the flush.  It was a half flush and made a sad sounding gurgle at the end.

I think there’s still something in there.

Well, it seems to be flushing now.   The only other thing I can do is remove the toilet.

How much will that cost?


I almost gave in to the gullibility!  I wanted a completely healthy toilet and he was offering me a solution!  But I held strong and said a sad farewell to the plumber.

The toilet was completely clogged, again, the next morning.

In desperation, I used the plumbing snake myself.
On my first attempt I caught something!

not actual clogging eyelash curler, as actual clogging eyelash curler went immediately in the trash

Apparently I have missed my intended profession.

So, my Good News!  My toilet is healed!  And I didn’t have to pay $180.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Keeping my toddler out of the bathroom.

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Good News! Check Out My Link Up!

I have this immensely generic exciting idea!

I started my blog when I was having a frustrating day.  And I know many of the friends I’ve met online have written about far more heartbreaking times.  I’ve admired how the majority of bloggers are exceptionally friendly and supportive to anyone who’s struggling.

I also appreciate that we can celebrate our good times with each other–whether it be something large or small, serious or silly.   Who else would have listened when I shared my joy over my new nonoverflowing toilets!

So, beginning this Friday and every Friday (from now until some sporadic day I decide to stop) I’m going to be writing my Good News!   Here is the fab new button I made with my mad Picnik skilz.  It only took me a mere two hours to get my grab box to work.

Just add the button and link your Good News! posts.  There are no set rules about what or how you need to write.  You can write about multiple good happenings from the week or one memorable experience.  And if life is looking bleak, good news can be as simple as taking a bad situation and putting a new perspective on it.  Maybe finding a little hope or humor between the meltdowns.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Thinking of some good news to write about. 

Link up starts every Friday morning and stays open through the weekend.

Twas the Night of a Mother

Twas a peaceful night and all through the house,
Not a child was stirring, not even a spouse.
I was up late, getting ready for bed.

That’s when it started, a commotion from my redhead.
She was so ill…needed to throw up.
I gave her a cuddle, a bowl, then a drink from a cup.

Calm again was my home and that’s when I heard,
My toddler start wailing.  He was backed up–oh my word!
Finally, fast asleep we all fell.

And then my other son awoke with a YELL.
His overnight diaper just wasn’t in place.
His bedding was soaked.  He had a sad face.

Back to bed, I sat up to an  “ahhhh!”
A scary dream from my oldest.  She wanted her ma.

You may be wondering, where was my husband when all this went down?
Snoring away.  He didn’t hear a sound.

A true story from this past Friday night.
As for my better half.  We’re good friends again.
After my long night, he let me sleep in.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Appreciating my days (and nights) as a mom.

Easily Entertained

One-year-old Dax put a blanket on his head this week.  Three-year-old Mase joined in.
A battle ensued.blanket battle

There was a clear winner.

And  a clear loser.

Note: All blanket battle participants are alive and well.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Weekend: Enjoying my free entertainment.