I hear it–a confident knock on the door.

My kids race to open it.


It’s too late.

There they are.  Two well-dressed, 20-something boys ready to sell me something.

“Let me first say we’re not selling anything.”

My spidey senses are tingling.  “You promise?”

“Yes.  We just have a quick survey we’re doing for a college class, only five questions.”


They proceed to ask me five retirement financial questions.  I answered, but there’s more.

“Now which age range are you in?  25-35?”

“Yes, for a few more days?”

“Happy birthday!  You’re turning 26?”

That didn’t even make sense, as I would obviously be turning 36 if I were graduating out of the age group.  But he moved on fast.

“You just look so young!”

Apparently, he wasn’t standing close enough to see my gray roots.  Yet the flattery was appreciated!

We’re giving everyone a $15 gift certificate–you just need to have someone come give you some free financial information.  It’s not sales.  We have to sit in on the appointment to get credit for the college course.

“My husband isn’t home most nights.  Sorry guys.”

“Mornings will work.”

“Mornings don’t work either.”

“We have Saturdays available too.”

Doh!  And here’s where the ridiculousness comes in.  They’d already spent so much time talking to me that I felt guilty saying no!  But I wasn’t giving in.

“This Saturday’s busy.”

“Next Saturday will work.”

“I’ll probably cancel.”

“Oh, you can cancel when someone calls to confirm the appointment.  No problem.”



Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Cancelling the appointment.  Must!  Stay!  Strong!

Have you been caught before?


  1. Oh I hate that! You feel bad, but you don’t want to give in. They totally caught you. Just remember to cancel the appointment!!!

  2. Nope, I don’t get caught. I have no problem brushing folks like that off 😉 I think it was the flattery that got you. I mean, who doesn’t want to be 26 forever? (I’m 36 too…)

  3. LOL! I’m sure I have been caught before. I love that you told them you’d probably just cancel. 😉

  4. Cancel cancel cancel! I don’t think you look a day older than 25!

  5. I have been caught but, worked my way out of buying what they were selling.

  6. I hate that feeling, though I must admit my New York “charm” can really come out at times like this, that and the fact that I live in an insane asylum and they leave feeling sorry for me!! Lol!!! Love you!!!

  7. I always feel bad too! I really do not think that colleges should make their students do this.

  8. Ah yes the catch! I’ve been caught before and am now trying to be stronger too. I’m actually in the middle of saying a polite no to a sweet cousin who wants me to join Amway with him. Wish me luck!

    So glad you stopped by Any Given Moment, I’m happy to now be following along here 🙂

  9. It seems I’m always getting caught in those situations. I really need to learn to say no more firmly. My girls would tell you I don’t have a problem with that. Maybe I just need to pretend the people at the door are my children! 😉

  10. Oh I’ve soo been caught before too! One time I had some very lovely gentlemen vacuuming my carpets for a free trial when the police showed up at my house because they could tell that they were in there with out a solicitors license. I should have never even let them in the door when I head that it was a $1000!

  11. Yes…and it stinks! But last time something like that happened the guy was rude when I said no. Crash people..actually the last two tomes the guys have been rude when I said no.

  12. ha. Yes. I have been caught so many times that I refuse to answer the door unless I know the person – or they are holding mail for me. I can never say no. I always feel so bad

  13. Oh no they did get you! I remember you posting about this before. I hate when people come to my door…especially now with Nolan trying to see who it is and the dogs trying to get out and barking their heads off!

    • I can’t remember the post, but I probably did write about something similar–I’ve had numerous run-ins with salesmen this year! And my kids are like your dogs. They make a lot of noise and my younger ones try to get out. 🙂

  14. Ugh! I used to get people knocking on my door ALL the time in our first house. I ended up taping a piece of paper on my door that said something to the effect of…”I don’t want to buy your products. I don’t want to support your college trip to Europe. I’m VERY happy with my current religion. Etc, etc.” Then I put a little disclaimer at the bottom of the page saying that anyone who disregards this note puts themselves at risk to be silly stringed as soon as they knock. And I kept 2 bottles of dollar store silly string next to the front door. No one ever knocked again. Problem solved. ;o) Although, I’d secretly hoped someone would just so I could have silly stringed them.

  15. Yup, totally been there. I hate when they compliment you and the kids and your dog etc., even though you know it’s part of their gig it still makes me feel bad. CANCEL! You do not want to spend a whole morning having someone talk you into something you don’t want.

  16. You get points for telling them out loud (not just in your head) that you’ll probably cancel! Love it!

    I get sucked into things like this too. Although, I’m feeling cheated that I gave in without getting all the flattery. Those kids were smart!

  17. Be strong and cancel! I was caught once but I did get a free helicopter ride and a weekend away for getting caught. It was FUN!

  18. Yes! Most definitely. Cancel. The. Appointment! You’ll lose 2 hours of your life if you let them come!

  19. I literally laughed out loud. We are in the car for 8 hours.. And this was the best post to read. Yeah. You are caught.

  20. One night I was babysitting so I had my 3 kids and 4 others (7 kids age 8 and under) when a young guy knocked on the door. He asked me if I wanted a free box of baking soda and I told him I wasn’t interested. He said it’s free, handed it to me and then walked away. A few minutes later he showed up at my door again with another person and a HUGE Kirby vacuum.

    I kept telling them both that I could never afford and would never buy a Kirby vacuum and asked them to leave a bunch of times as my hands were VERY full. They wouldn’t leave so I finally had to go get my husband from studying and they still wouldn’t leave!!! They were there for almost 3hrs, no joke!

    Not only that but when we told their ‘manager’ on the phone that we would never buy a Kirby he threatened to have his salespeople poor the stuff the Kirby had pulled out of the carpet back on the floor. You should have seen how mad my husband got! NEVER allow a Kirby salesman in your house!

    • Hey Jenn, that is the craziest story! Maybe they were at the end of a sales contest–I can’t understand why they would stick around so long when you told them to leave! We had a vacuum salesman a few years ago (I don’t think it was Kirby). I’m grateful he didn’t threaten to poor the stuff back on the floor, but he was very persistent. Once was more than enough for us too.

  21. Seriously, who trains these people? Its like they went to hound dog school or something!? I think I’m going to take up saying no in several different languages and maybe that will trick them. You are too nice. I can remain sweet and listen and kindly decline the first 2 times but after that I turn into the neighbor’s house you wish you hadn’t come to. Its like cold callers and telecom people too. Its not fair that they play on our guilt. Stuff like that only works on girl scout cookies for me.

  22. LOL’s on this one. I have had more than one of these similar moments. Thanks for the smiles today and blessings to you!

  23. I hate these kinds of things! They make me feel so trapped! I don’t want anything to do with what they’re “selling” but I also feel bad turning them away. Cancel the appointment!!

  24. oh yeah!! And it’s totally why I don’t answer the door if I don’t recognize someone, unless my hubs is home. He totally doesn’t mind being a little rude if it gets the salesperson to go away.

  25. I never really give them the opportunity to say anything. If they think they have a chance, they just get more persistent. I’m the same with the phone…polite but firm.

  26. You know, this is one thing I’m pretty good at saying no to! Makes up for all the other areas of my life…

    Plus, the houses are FAR apart here, so you have to be pretty determined to do door-to-door sales in our neighborhood!

  27. Maybe you should be more blunt…………I’m not sure how much more blunt you could have been but you should work on it.

  28. I usually give in too. I don’t know what my deal is. I REALLY REALLY need to post a “No Soliciting” sign. Why have I not done that yet.

  29. I used to be a sucker for this stuff but now that I am in the 36-45 age category…It is a lot easier for me to say “No, thank you.” and close my door. I still feel horribly after I lock it behind them but I’m still happy I got the words out of my mouth 😉

  30. Ugh, I hate getting caught. I have a hard time saying no, but it’s getting easier as I get older lol. Stay strong and cancel that appointment. If you wanted the financial services they are selling, you’d have already purchased it on your own. It makes no sense for these companies to guilt you into purchasing! Door to door selling is a seriously outdated model and I wish they would just not visit my house lol! Guess I need to get a no soliciting sign, too!

  31. I hate trying to come up with a reason why I can’t waste my time with people. It makes me feel bad even though I know I’m doing nothing wrong!

  32. i hate when this happens

  33. I don’t get caught anymore but I used to.
    And my stinkin’ sister in law used to send people to my house or give out my phone number when a telemarketer would call and ask her for more referrals. UGH!
    I had to tell her to knock it off 😀

  34. Oh I HATE that feeling! Don’t forget to cancel!

  35. Oh gosh, I can’t stand those people! A few months ago, my husband let two guys in and SAT WITH THEM FOR AN HOUR. I had just gotten out of the shower, so I wasn’t about to go downstairs, but they started out by asking him what his favorite color is, what his favorite movie is, etc. That went on forever and then they started saying they were raising money for a battered woman’s shelter. My husband ended up giving them $50 and I was livid. Because why would people raising money for a battered woman’s shelter ask you your favorite color? Or only take cash? Oh yeah, because they wouldn’t! So now we have an understanding–when the doorbell rings, I answer it. 🙂

  36. I always have my dogs with me when I answer the door. They are huge and bark a lot so people don’t stay long enough to harass me about appointments.

  37. Ohhh, I’m so sorry they caught you! You handled it so well. A couple weeks ago there was a woman going around the neighborhood asking how much we pay for electric. Steve made the mistake of answering the door. She wouldn’t let up. Steve told her he was working from home, so she asked for me. He said I wasn’t home and she asked when I’d be back. Then, he said he really had to get back to work. I was dying with laughter bc the movie he had on was playing “It’s Raining Men” super loud. I thought, Wow…she must be thinking, what in the heck do you do for work?! 🙂
    I hope cancellation goes well!! Thinking of you!

  38. Nope. don’t get caught. If I am interested, I am up front and will even invite them in. but I am equally upfront when I am not interested. And if they persist….I just ask tell them I will listen to their sales pitch – if they will watch my kids for 1/2 hour while I shower. Good deal eh?!

  39. oh yea – just got caught this morning at 8 am. (Or rather my hubby did.) The doorbell rang and he was peeking out the window. The guy had the same silver Camry that our oldest son has. So – I told him it was Jace and to answer the door. (But, I did think it odd because Jace actually has a front door key) Hehe. He was harmless enough – wanted to do yard work.

  40. Yes, which is why we have ownership in a Timeshare.

  41. laaame I hate crap like that!

  42. LOL They just want to set the appointment for their boss. Someone has a birthday coming up and I’m sure you look every bit of 26.

  43. Oh GOSH. I have so been there! I feel for ya mama. Cancel!

    You look Amazing, btw. Xo

  44. i admit i am just rude.

    i ignore the doorbell. sometimes i even know they can see me. just the other day i was washing dishes at the sink with the blinds open when some JW’s walked up to my door. we made eye contact. i smiled. they rang the bell. i smiled again. they stood there staring at each other then looked at me. the woman said, “i know you see us” i said, “why yes, yes i do” the continued to stand there. it felt like forever before they finally walked away.

  45. oohhh…i hated that!

  46. Caught….or….D’oh! Yes, I have been “caught” before. I hope you remember to cancel!! If you don’t, you have my blessing and permission to tell them someone is throwing up. They won’t want to stay at all. 😉

  47. the good news is that you did not give them any money, but brushed up your skills to say “no”. Next time, you ll send them off right away.

    It’s like all Moms need to work on anti-solicitor skills nowadays

  48. I once had a couple kids come to the door just as I was going out to get the mail, and they were needing money for their drub rehab. I couldn’t help but laugh at the time. I thought it was a joke. I thought, really?…you used all of your money on drugs, it’s free to quit, and now you want someone else to pay for you quitting? Sorry guys! I am like you though, feeling bad saying no. That’s why I never answer the door;)

  49. I will admit, normally, I refuse to open the door at all for someone I don’t know, which has made things very awkward as the person screams through my locked door, but about a year ago, I was upstairs when the doorbell rang, and I looked out my window, and only got to see the back of them, and from where I was standing it looked like our church’s missionaries. Usually they come around if they are in need of some help (unless they have an appointment with us) so I figured I’d see what they needed, plus, I like to be nice to them because I’m hoping my son goes on a mission someday and I’d like people to be nice to him. Turns out it was the JW’s, and yeah, super uncomfortable as I had lots of other things going on, and I really didn’t care to talk to them, and no, I don’t want their books or literature since I’m just going to put it in the recyclables, and just adds another chore to my day. Anyway, at the end of our short conversation the older gentleman (and I’m using the word loosely) told me, “I hope your heart settles down enough to find Jesus.” Wow, I really wanted to slap him in the face.

  50. haha this is classic!! classic!! I fall into this trap because I am too nice and worried about hurting peoples feelings. Especially if I invested a bit of time already. Oh man! This is my story for sure!

  51. Honestly, I would’ve just shut the door on them. =D

  52. I am so guilty of this. I do the same thing when people call and I am busy. I also always feel bad but then realize it is the best to be forthright, I suppose.

  53. Hahahahaha! You are the best ever! I so do stuff like this…just not as smoothly as you…now I just don’t answer…even if Linc’s screaming or the tv is on and they know I am home. Plus I watch too much tv and get freaked out that it’s really a murderer haha!

  54. P.S. That fish picture about made me puke…haven’t you read my posts about my phobia???? 😉

  55. Hahaha! Stay strong, girl, stay strong!

  56. Awesome!! Now why wouldn’t they have started with that. 😉

  57. Sandra Tyler says:

    I’m bad. I just shut the door.
    Thanks for dropping ny today. scattered this week as boys have spring break. Not as if we get to travel, hubby works, so week is about keeping everyone out of trouble. Hard to focus, but you know that with little ones still home…I’m out of that groove, so weeks like this really throw me!

  58. I get caught all the time. I hate the “we get credit just for giving you the shpeal.” Which I always doubt and always fall for. And when they spend their time on the shpeal, I feel guilty turning them down. I still do it, but I feel guilty.

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