Good News! Regression Repression

You know how some days you feel like you’re regressing.  You feel grumpier, the house gets messier, and the kids are fighting more and more!  Maybe that’s just me.  Yet!  There’s been a plethora of recent good news to break up my regression.


My second grader, Dani, is anti-reading.  I’ve tried nearly every type of book imaginable to get her excited about it…nothing.  But finally, I found a winner!
FablehavenFablehaven book 1  A slightly too advanced and too scary winner for a seven-year-old, but I’m OK with that.
She LOVES it.


My binky-obsessed toddler hasn’t slowed down with his ascensions.
Here’s a recent climbing conquest, my closet.His adventure last night wasn’t quite as successful.  After climbing into his highchair, Dax got stuck on the descent.   And amid his perilous dilemma, he uttered his first three word sentence,

“Mommy, help me!”

Finally #3

My husband bought some local recreation passes.  I was against the idea.  Though after seeing the online receipt, I admit, I may have underestimated my husband’s investment wisdom.   Now if I could just convince my dear spouse that some of our “saved” money should go toward a new camera for me.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Taking turns reading with my daughter. 

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  1. That’s great you found a book she loves. I’ve been trying to find chapter books my 5 year old will enjoy. He listens, grudgingly. I need to keep trying I guess.

  2. Sandra Tyler says:

    My boys still tear apart my closet — that never ends. As to reading, Ryan is in second grade, and I’ve gone through the same struggles. He likes the tree house books, though he’s reading above grade level, so has moved on to the Warrior series, some kind of fantasy thing about cats. Maybe she’d like that too! ANd I’m sure Ryan would LOVE what she’s reading, looks scary and gooky enough…Welcome back!

  3. My oldest was a stinker about reading. We went through the same thing, trying to find something, anything to get him to read. It was the books series, Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites that got him reading.

    you are not bored at all when you have such an adventitious son keeping you on your toes. At least he knew when to ask for help.

  4. I love that your daughter found something she’s interested in reading. My youngest has been going through that stage. I believe it is because she was ready to transition to “real” chapter books but didn’t want to make that commitment it takes to read a longer novel. Fortunately she loved “Dear Mr. Henshaw” as much as I did when I was a young girl. Have a great weekend!

  5. You could get a SWEET camera with a fraction of those savings!

    Your son is quite the climber – good luck with that!

  6. The kids at my school love Fablehaven! Glad he found a book that works!

  7. Extremely nice savings!

  8. Holy good God woman! How the heck did he get up to the top shelf of the closet?! I think you have a future rock climber! Save that extra $5,000 for climbing equipment and hospital bills! 🙂

    I thought Babe was a climber but Dax has skillz! (The Z is important to underscore the extent of his ability.)

    Way to go to your husband for saving that much money! Wow, I can’t believe A)Anything regarding recreation costs that much and B)They would give such a steep discount!

    Have fun reading!!

  9. I am so going to have to check that book out for my 9 year old! A boy would like it too right? The picture on the cover of the book made it look so!

    Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!


    • I bet your 9-yr-old boy would love the books (one of the main characters is a mischievous 11-year-old boy), though maybe still a little hard. My daughter will be 8 this month and I have to sit next to her as she reads because some of the wording can be tricky for her to understand. She likes me to read a lot too.

      I hope you try them! I’d read them before, but I just bought the series for a decent price on Amazon. 🙂

  10. I love seeing my kids read. I am okay with a little scary as long as it gets them hooked.

  11. whoa, big savings! glad you found a book she enjoys!

  12. That is some seriously significant savings! Wow!

    I agree that any book they will fall in love with is good, scary or not.

  13. Oh, please don’t post pictures of books again. I have an obsession with books, and you’re just fueling my addiction! That book looks good! I love finding fun books for my kids to read, and sometimes even reading them myself. I have a shopping cart on hold at Amazon with 100 books or so. So… can I borrow some of your savings?

    • I’ll send you as much of that savings as I ever see!

      You definitely NEED the Fablehaven books. It’s such a fun series–I read them myself a while ago. And a reasonable price for the set at Amazon. 🙂

  14. Oh my heavens! What kind of passes did your husband buy that retailed for $5,200?!!!!? And then he paid less than $100 for them? That’s so crazy! But awesome!

    Neither one of my boys are big readers either. It’s tough to get them to learn how to like it. That’s great that she has found a book she likes. I bet it will spark a lifetime of reading adventure in her. 🙂

    • He just bought five activity passes that covered a bunch of local things like minature golf, a water park, and snow skiing. We should have an active year!

      I’m over plugging these books today, but you should try the Fablehaven books for your boys. I read these books for myself a while ago–they’re really fun!

  15. My boys both love that series!

  16. yay! finally found a book that she loves. Gosh that is certainly a lot of savings. Only recently, there are some active websites in my country promoting these offers. Good for us

  17. he get’s saver of the year award for that kind of savings!!!!

  18. I can not believe your son – he is quite the acrobat!

  19. it’s always great when you find a book that turns your child onto reading. hope your climber slows down before he gets hurt. have a great week

  20. That is awesome that you saved that much money! 🙂

    And really cool that you found a book she likes!!!

    And he’s talking! YAY!!!

  21. Holy crap! What did he buy??? hahaha. That’s awesome. Hooray for Dax! All good news. 😀

  22. that’s awesome you found a book she will read tell i want to hear all about it i’m so proud of her

  23. Unfortunately, the only good news that I have this week is that we are all still alive after the stomack bug has taken us one by one. I didn’t think that one line was really worthy of linking up with you 😉
    As for the binky addicted mountain climber…I could eat him up. He is just that darn cute!!

  24. Most of our kids have loved reading, but we have had a little trouble with some of them. My 8-year-old has struggled. For the last 6 weeks, we have been reading chapter books out loud. That seems to help the most. Good luck with that!

  25. Your son is INSANE!! How did he even manage to get up in your closet like that??? Holy cow!!!

  26. Your post just keep getting cuter and I am LOL on this one. You son is so adorable. I am afraid; I would be scared to leave him alone in any room. Blessings to you for the smile today.

    • Thanks for your sweet comments LeAnn. They make my day!

      Dax is stealth and takes full advantage of that, especially if I’m making dinner or helping my girls with homework. 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Dax crack’s me up. You had better get him into repelling school A.S.A.P. Then he can learn how to get down from the heights he is bound to soar to. 🙂

  28. I’m so glad you found something for your anti-reader! Now that you’ve discovered what she likes buy that genre in bulk. My philosophy when mine was small was to let them read whatever he wanted (within reason, of course) just to keep him reading. I sooooo deplored the Captain Underpants phase! And it worked, even now that he is a football “jock” in his teens he can still be found with his nose in a book during downtime. Reading will only serve her well in the future – even if it isn’t “the classics.”

    Poor you! Luckily I never had a climber!

  29. Wow, I’m impressed that he saved over 5 grand!

  30. Dax is so adventurous. That’s pretty funny that you saved “over $5000!” Those places are probably a rip as it is!

  31. Holy COW you scored with the recreation passes. Well done!

  32. Star Wars was what did it in this house. not books though…you know that part at the beginning of the movie that scrolls upward? my son was desperate to know what it said. I guess he didn’t fully trust that mommy could read it just fine! LOL
    Oh Dax! I can laugh – I live with the female version. I found her on top of the freezer the other day. It was conveniently located beside the very high pantry shelf which contained their valentines chocolate. I do not know how she knew.

  33. That second picture is such a crack up!! My last one was a climber like that! They keep you hopping.

    Sorry I didn’t join up today. The world and the news was weighing me down. Had to release it. I feel good about that 😀

  34. I can’t believe how your son can climb, wow.

  35. hahaha, dax is such a cute little monkey!! he literally looksl he’s swinging. i assure you, if he was in my closet, he’d have a nice soft safe place to fall – on top of the mountains of clothes that need to be hung!!

    it’s great that dani found a good book to read…and your husband’s receipt is cracking me up!

    ohh, i hope you get that new camera!! i’ve been wishin’ and hopin’ for one too 🙂

    have a wonderful weekend, my friend!
    thank you for all your sweet and lovely comments <3
    WELCOME BACK! i'm so glad to be reading your posts!

  36. * looks like

  37. That recipt is awesome. Was it a local recreational program??? That’s a lot of money saved…. Woo hoo!!

    And that picture…. Is hilarious!!!!!!! Did you almost die laughing?!

  38. Thanks for sharing your good news. WAHOO! I love the “Help me Mommy” sentence. You always make me smile.

  39. Yay! Those are some good things that are worthy of pushing aside the grumpy moments haha. I have those times too where I feel grumpier, kids are grumpy, house is a disaster (sigh). Gotta love those moments haha. I love the picture of your son climbing your closet LOL. What a monkey! And HOLY, that’s an impressive savings your hubby managed!! Kudos to him! 🙂

  40. Yay for finding a home run book for Dani! I don’t know that one, but I’ve had a student tell me it’s great.

    Also, I love the idea for this meme. I have to plan to do it next week so I’ll stay focused on looking for good news!

  41. —Love the photo. that kid Rocks. Xxx

  42. How on earth did he get up in your wardrobe?? He is hilarious!! Love it 😉

  43. I have a feeling I bought the same pass your hubby got. My daughters bought family passes and encouraged me to buy one so I can go too and help out at the water park, etc. It is quite the savings. My 3rd grade granddaughter was an anti reader until she discovered Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Now she’s reading all the time and not just the wimpy kid series.
    Good luck with the climber!

  44. I have a climbing monkey in my house, too. My daughter climbed onto the roof of the neighbor’s shed when she was 5. Nearly scared me half out of my wits.

  45. just a question. Do you have Linky Followers yet? It’s free to join and a lot of bloggers are jumping on that bandwagon to replace GFC. (Saw your note on GFC) Also, is this going to be an ongoing linky party? I’ll add the button to my bloghop page once I “remake” it! Just let me know which day of the week, etc.

    And, Wow! What a climb in the closet!

  46. Get them interested in reading young because it becomes much more of a battle later on. Tyler, our teenager, just hates reading, not that I didnt make it fun and exciting when he was younger but he is just so high energy he hates sitting and reading..not too mention can’t find much that entertains him for that long. So glad you found something for Dani. And I have had many a days recently of grumpier, regressive, etc…Hang in there! Tomorrow is a new day (I know this was posted Friday so hopefully you had a better weekend with less grumpiness).

  47. What a climb he made! JDaniel stayed earth bound for a long time. This reminds me that I need to lift of praise that he did.

  48. $5,000 savings? That is crazy.

    My toddler hasn’t attempted closet climbing yet which is actually pretty surprising considering I hide the nail polish in my closet now.

  49. I’m glad you found books she likes!
    Whoa…talk about a big savings!

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