Family Politics

My husband and I watch and read an abundance of news, especially in big election years.  I’m always curious to see the different strategies the candidates employ.

My kids would fit right in.

My seven-year-old Dani is the sly politician.  Always coming up with some new scheme for the benefit of herself and her fellow little people.

Six-year-old Evie is the slightly unethical campaign financial donor.   She finds and steals all change laying around our house.

Last week the politician promised to get everyone gumballs from the candy machine at Walmart.  The financial donor agreed to fund the covert mission.

Unfortunately the campaign strategist (me) ended their sneaky fiasco.

Luckily, my three-year-old statistical analyst came to the rescue.  Mase discovered there is almost a 75% probability that there will be some type of fallen candy under EVERY Walmart isle.

I was worried about the sanitary nature of the candy.  Mase thought of that too.  He made sure to test the candy out on the one-year-old intern first.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Keeping a close eye out for any
new campaign promises.

It was so nice to take a break, but I’m anxious to catch up with everyone.

Don’t forget to add your good news this Friday!


  1. Your kids a just so cute!!! Welcome back.

  2. Whew, way too many politics for me! 😉

  3. hehe this was cute i like that they use the youngest as a tester for dirt and germs that was priceles.

  4. Using this method, I might be able to fully understand what is going on this year! 🙂 Your children are beautiful!

  5. too cute, but I doubt you really want any of them to go into politics (O;

  6. LOL…now that is funny and at least he test the candy out on someone who is willing to give it a try. Wal-mart can be such an adventure.

  7. I like your cute kids! Great politics 🙂 How nice are the eyes from the child on the last picture.

  8. Bwahaha!!!!!!!hilarious. I love your family pics and looks like you’re going to have some millionaires on your hands 🙂

  9. This was brilliant!! I really missed laughing with you last week, but am so glad you had a good break!! Much love to you!!

  10. So clever! Cute story.

  11. love this!! You’re so clever! 🙂

    Sure did miss you and glad you and your political posse are back!

  12. Ahh, family politics! They will get far in life! 😉

  13. How funny! I love their little faces! I also love the girls’ hair do’s! If only I could get my daughter to even have a pony tail…I doubt I will be able to do such elaborate things with her hair.

  14. How clever! Your children are just so adorable!

    Welcome back! I’ve missed you!

  15. Welcome back!! BAHAHAHA, your kids are hilarious. I love the picture of your son laying in the aisle trying to find some goodies and your little one testing it out hahaha. Hope you had a good “blog break” 😉

  16. I’m glad you’re back! I’d missed your funny posts!!

  17. Haha! I totally laughed at your post today! What an awesome family you have!!


  18. LOL! Love it! You got some awesome strategists on your hands

  19. Love this! How clever. And, your children are adorable.

  20. stephanie says:

    you are so clever! I am cracking up at Evie’s description 🙂

  21. heh heh heh – the picture under the vending machine is priceless. lol

  22. heh….love the shot of him looking under the aisle! I keep telling my kids that stuff on the floor is NOT free candy. but mine would be the Negotiators on the campaign trail and probably take my cell phone hostage until demands for fresh candy were met.

    So nice to have you back!

  23. Your kids are adorable! They will make such great politicians someday!;)

  24. Your kids are so cute!! Wallmart candy isn’t as bad as when I used to peel gum off the sidewalk and eat it…I guess I survived…Yuck!

  25. Such a clever post! I love Dani’s hair in the first photo. Super cute!

  26. This was so funny, your kids are so cute. My kids too look under the candy machines for any leftovers and usually find them. I just look the other way and chalk up all the dirt to strengthening their immune system.

  27. Hahaha you crack me up!! I love reading you! Missed it, I’ve been on a break too, but not a choice one lo guess I’ll get back on the horse today…you inspired me:)… love the digging under isles that is a great pic!!

  28. This is absolutely hilarious! 🙂 They would be great in politics! 😉

    Glad to see you back! 🙂

  29. AHH!!! My friend is back!! I love this post– as I do all of yours..
    What’s the plan for the 9th!?!? Special day for someone I know.

  30. Well, with ideas and strategies like that…they ALL get my vote! I bet they’d even do things a little bit better 🙂

  31. I bet there are some heated discussions at your house! 🙂

  32. Good to see you again! Politics can be so confusing…thanks for clearing up all those jobs for us.

  33. haha so cute I love it!

  34. glad you’re back! I would vote for any of these cuties. Questionable candy and all. 🙂

  35. Ha! Mmm, delicious floor candy. Your kids are going to have strong immune systems!

  36. Those. Kids. Are. GORGEOUS.

    /end trans

  37. they might have chosen their career already

    Its so great to have you back!

  38. Oh that is just funny! Hahaha. I love how your mind works. hahaha. And the pictures make it all the more entertaining.

  39. You always make me laugh! Love your sense of humor and glad to see you back!

  40. Oh my… 🙂 haha. Just love your kids!

  41. So Cute and…just plain nasty. Seriously!

    Glad you are back!

  42. Glad you’re back and that you had a nice break 🙂

  43. You are so creative with your writing. Comparing your kids to politicians. Now that you mention it: Those little ones sure know how to get away with things 🙂

  44. You crack me up! Hold on to this post in case one day they do in fact run for office. I bet this will be one of their skeletons that the media dig up…LOL And I agree there should be a lock on the water dispenser. Wonder why they havent thought of that already? Maybe they have?

  45. Oh laying on the floor in Walmart like that just makes me shutter! Yes sounds like you do have the perfect team 🙂

  46. What a fun post!!!

  47. Haha! That’s great! I love how siblings boss, play, and feed off of each other. Sounds like yours could run the white house together one day! (You could be their cook and maid. Your job requirements wouldn’t have to change.)

  48. Eeeew!!! Hahaha too funny lol

    I love all your family stories xo

  49. Such a sweet face eating – Who the heck knows what? Yep he is a little brother – Ha ha!!

  50. Shopping is never boring when you have children 🙂

  51. OMGosh. I missed you!

    You make me laugh out loud all the time! Thanks mama, I SO needed this today!

    Hahaaa… your kiddos are some good lookin politicians! They’re ain’t usually that cute/ Lol

  52. LOL!. I would’ve freaked out if my kid laid on the floor at Wal-Mart. But I guess when you have more than 1 kid you kinda get over that thing…

  53. You did it again; LOL a lot on this one. Pictures were priceless!

  54. This post was so cute! Missed you while you were taking your break, I am glad you are back.

  55. I would elect all of your kids to take care of this country. Especially if they have candy.

  56. You always make me laugh, always! I hope I’m an awesome of a parent as you one day 🙂 That’s serious, not sarcastic FYI.

  57. Hilarious! Impressed your son thought to check for candy under the displays!

  58. So glad to see you back! I loved this one! I’m watching politics on the news right now, and it’s just too cute! If only the people on TV were as cute as your kids;)

  59. Such cute politicians in your house.
    I say send them to Washington to straighten those clowns out.

  60. I love how you find the good and fun in every thing! Your house has to be the place to be!

  61. Ha! I love your kids!

  62. Welcome back! Your kids have to be the most entertaining in the world! They are each so adorable in their own ways. And I love following your blog!
    By the way, I liked your facebook page but didn’t realize I had signed in to my dog, Jack’s page. So, when you see a dog named Jack, the Golden Retriever, following you that is why. Boy, it’s been a long day………..

  63. Sandra Tyler says:

    Brilliant post. Really.

  64. Oh if I could be as funny as you and put things in such funny ways as you! Then I would be as lovable and cute as you too! 🙂 Loves!

  65. Thedesertrocks says:

    Stuffing the ballot box for Dani!

  66. that picture of mase made me bust out laughing!!!
    i seriously love that you make sure to take pictures of all these amazing moments in your life!!
    we are so lucky to share in your awesome and funny times with your beautiful kiddos!

    i love to steal steve's change out of his work pants when i'm doing laundry 🙂

  67. So so cute. I bet they would win the election. Cut and dry and to the point!

  68. You crack me up with your creative posts GGM Darling! So delighted that you’re back… xoxo

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