Makeup: Why Do You Wear It?

same woman with and without makeup

“When can I start wearing real makeup mom?”

“Never.  Why do you want to wear it?”

“To make me look prettier. ”

“You are beautiful.  Makeup couldn’t make you look any prettier.”

“Then why do you wear it, mom?”

This was part of a conversation I just had with my seven-year-old daughter.

There were two recent studies done about makeup.   Twenty-five women were photographed with no makeup, then with three make-up styles: natural, professional, and glamorous.

The first study had 149 adults (61 of them men) judge various female faces for 250 ms.  In the second study 119 adults (30 men) were given unlimited time to inspect each face.

For the quick-glance study, makeup had a significant positive impact on all four attributes tested: attractiveness, competence, likability, and trustworthiness.

Participants also gave a higher positive response to those who wore the makeup when they had an unlimited time to view the photos, but the glamorous look had a significant negative effect on trustworthiness.

Except for my blue eye shadow obsession in high school, I’ve never been a huge makeup fan…until now.  My face has started demanding it!  I feel better when those dark circles are covered, my eyelashes are visible, and my white cloud-like mug has some color.

And I’ll admit it!  I want to be viewed in a more likable light.  I don’t want people to think I look haggard, except for my husband.  For some reason I have no problem letting him see me without the makeup.   Maybe I should include my better half in my general frumpiness-while-at-home decision…I’ll have to ponder this.

Still, I want to teach my two daughters about inner beauty and natural beauty.  I’m not against them wearing pretend makeup occasionally, like my daughter did at a friend’s birthday party recently.  And I’m not opposed to them wearing real makeup far far down the road.

But I don’t want them to try and conform to all the latest styles and trends.  I want them to know a sincere smile adds more beauty than any lipstick.   I want them to be confident in their appearance.  And at the same time, I don’t want their appearance to be the foundation of their confidence.

I’d keep rambling on, but it’s late as I’m writing this and I still need to finish watching all the competent and likable women on this week’s Bachelor.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Making sure my girls know they are naturally beautiful.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.


  1. I rarely wear makeup, but I look better (and, apparently, more likeable) when I do.

  2. I wear mascara every. single. day. Simply because without it I look like I have no eyelashes (seriously) and eyebrow pencil too. Aside from going out for dinner with friends, I don’t wear anything else. My face feels dirty with make-up on. However I have a daughter who is getting to an age wear she wants to wear mascara too. I have allowed it, but not plastered on. She said that everyone notices and it makes her feel good about herself. Oh dear, where is that parenting book I so desperately need at times?

  3. I always wore it everyday when I was working but now I hardly ever wear makeup. And now my face needs it much more than then, LOL! Not only does my makeup free face look haggard, but I’m also usually always out in public in running clothes. Talk about a frump! 😉

  4. Wear makeup? I don’t. Sigh. I never even cared to learn how to put it on. I wear mascara and eye shadow about three times a year. My poor girl doesn’t have a fighting chance because even if we let her wear makeup, I won’t be able to show her how to put it on!

  5. Well, I was like you and wore my blue/green eye shadow everyday. Hmmm!!! What was I thinking? These days I don’t like to leave the house without mascara.

    I am actually posting about this subject today on my blog. Because recently I allowed my daughter to wear bright red lipstick to school. She is 11!

  6. I feel washout out without wearing make-up. I love weekends when I go make-up free – it’s very freeing!

  7. I never wear makeup. My mom always wore it, and couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t wear it. I hated the way it felt on my face. I would sometimes wear cover up on acne in high school, but that was it. I am so afraid my daughter will want to wear it, and I have no clue how to show her.

  8. I don’t typically wear makeup. I only put it on when I’m really dressed up going somewhere. I know how to put it on properly, but just rather go with the all natural look, and my husband likes it that way too.

  9. I think that’s very important to be teaching your kids this!
    I wear makeup because of my complexion. It is (and has always been) very red.

    Through jr high, high school and my 20’s, it was due to acne. Now, it’s facial hair that I’m CONSTANTLY tweezing. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a nut because I can be found about 4 (or more) times a day standing at my door (where the sun is the best) tweezing away.

  10. I never wore makeup until I got to college. Then my roommates insisted that I needed to wear a little. I think it was an intervention on their part – Ha Ha
    I started dating my husband when I was 16 and he always said he liked that I didn’t wear makeup.
    I think there is a point that you need to wear it because it is part of looking well groomed but I don’t think anyone needs to over do it.

    My 21 (almost) year old daughter still has never worn make up and she has beautiful skin and looks great without it!

  11. I love make-up and I really wear it for myself. I feel more polished with it on and I have always wanted to look somewhat professional as a mom. I wear a simpler type and I do it in 2 to 5 minutes as opposed to the 15 minutes I spent on it when I worked in an office. For me my make up time is my time. The one part of the day that I’m focused on me. My daughter enjoys all girly things and she likes to watch me. I will do lipstick kiss with her or I will use a plain clean brush and let her swipe her face with it. She also loves perfume. It is sticky because I don’t want to make her feel this is the only way a women can be beautiful. I think it’s a choice. I don’t think at 10 it’s appropriate for her to wear make-up, but a little gloss and nail polish can go a long way in helping her feel a little special. It’s a great conversation to start. I will be interested in reading others opinions! Thanks!

  12. I love makeup. I’m somewhere between the natural and professional look. I hate lipstick. I can’t stand the way it feels on my lips so I never wear it. I don’t usually wear eye shadow either… unless we are going out at night and I want a little more. I think it is important and makes me feel better. When I feel like I look good, it gives me confidence and I like that. But I don’t go overboard. I put it on in the morning and that’s it… I never go back and reapply. When its gone, its gone. I let my daughter start wearing makeup at 12. I’m so glad I did. It gave her a chance to get through the “learning curve” before she got to high school… I didn’t make a big deal out of it and now that she is 18, she can either go with or without and not care what anyone thinks. It worked out well for us. Great post! I loved learning all of this! 🙂

    • It’s been so helpful for me to read how other moms approach this. I like how you don’t make a big deal about it. And I never thought about there being a “learning curve” with makeup, but since I STILL can’t seem to apply it easily that makes sense. Have a great weekend Ginger!

  13. Love you topic today! Around the house I rarely wear makeup. I have a hard time rationalizing the time spent applying it when I have so many other things that need to get done. If I’m leaving the house it depends on where I’m headed. Walmart = no makeup. Nice grocery store in town = makeup :). I usually wear just base, blush, and mascara. I figure those three items cover all my bases!

  14. If I don’t wear makeup, the first thing people say to me is “you look tired” or “are you upset?” I hate that. Although I am like you, and I don’t normally wear makeup unless I am going somewhere.

    Teaching our daughters that they are beautiful no matter what may be harder than I ever thought. Good luck! 🙂

  15. I wear makeup to church and maybe if I am lucky one other day. I don’t like putting it on, I don’t like how it feels, I don’t like taking it off, I just like the natural look more.

    It’s funny I always think makeup on other girls looks so good , but on me I feel too much just looks ridiculous.

  16. I don’t usually wear make-up. When I do, the girls at work wonder what I’m up to! I always wore make-up before the kid, but now, its just not an important part of my morning routine.

  17. I have some wicked awesome pictures of me in high school with blue eye shadow. What was I thinking?

  18. thankfully, Christen really wasn’t into wearing makeup until she was really old enough. I think it was about the same time acne started up and she really just wanted something to hide her acne.

    we did have some issues with eyeliner though, and I still think she wears too much of it, but I pick my battles.

  19. stephanie says:

    I wear it every day just because it makes me feel more put together {if you will} I might be in yoga pants with snot all over my shirt but hair and makeup? look fabbbb.

  20. Coming from someone who only wears makeup once in a blue moon, I say focus, focus, focus on the inner beauty and finding and recognizing the beauty in your natural face. I’m not saying makeup covers up who you really are, but if the only time you feel pretty is when you are wearing it then something’s wrong.

    When it comes to “beauty”, the only thing I stress with Lexie is to take care of herself, her skin, etc. I think the prettiest girls are the most natural looking ones that still take care of their appearance. Lex is almost 10 now, so she washes her face and puts lotion on it, but I am not ready to allow her to wear makeup. Hopefully she doesn’t even want to for a very long time…

  21. I wear almost everything ‘cept blush. Like you, I feel a need to cover dark circles. Recently I started having breakouts {first time in my life} so I have to cover up blemishes, too.
    When I was pre-teen my mom bought me a great book by a Christian artist about inner beauty, and it didn’t condemn the desire for outer beauty ~ she gave tips on how to wear makeup naturally, take care of fitness needs in a healthy way, etc. I loved that book.

  22. I have a book for you! We just got it, it’s all about the prince choosing the princess that was beautiful on the inside! Girls loooove it! “the princess and the three kings”
    Yes Alia got play makeup for Christmas but that is all it is! She does get gloss and such for dance recitals tho. She also has a birthmark all over her cheek, light brown, so if that ever gets to where it bothers her I will let her cover it up cuz kids can be mean! Other than that, the princesses will have to wait till high school…..
    As for me I love my Mary Kay, problem being most days I’m too lazy to put it on! I love the way it looks but I am a world class procrastionator so I’m typically late haha!
    As for the girls, someone taught me we have to be careful about always calling them princesses and telling them how beautiful they are…that teaches them what to look for, instead at times teach them about true beauty and compliment them on something from that…..

    • You’ll have to give me the name of that book! I bet my girls would love it. And I also think complimenting kids on what makes them truly beautiful is important to remember. Have a wonderful (and healthy) week!

  23. I wear make-up daily, it’s just part of my routine, takes about 5-10 minutes and I’m done. I feel more professional and put together when I have it on. There was a time in my life when I wore it just because I felt better in it. If I don’t have any clients or appointments, or errands, and I’m just staying home, usually I’ll go without it. I have a sister who is 15 years younger than me and I’ve always allowed her to play around with make-up for fun, but she isn’t actually wearing it – not yet anyways. She loves the lip gloss, and the nail polish – which is harmless, I think anyways. 🙂 When I was in high school, I hardly ever wore anything but mascara. If I had a small breakout that was a little different – but I found that the guys weren’t actually all about the girls that wore make-up all over their face. I actually got compliments that they liked the fact that I didn’t wear make-up. As I got older, I started wearing a little more, without it I feel pale, and look tired. But I know a lot of women that don’t wear any at all – and I admire them.

  24. Wow! I heard about this study on the radio this morning. I was going to do a post on it as well, but you just took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you for writing this. I’m sharing your post instead of writing my own.

  25. I didn’t wear it until now…I’ve got bags under my eyes too. Mostly I just wear it to church and when I teach. Elizabeth always wants to wear it, but I always tell her that it’s just for fun. She’s beautiful the way she is…then I pretend to put makeup on her. I think for her it’s just fun to do something with me, because she doesn’t like play makeup or anything. I think what you are doing is great! They’ll know they don’t have to wear anything to be beautiful. 🙂

  26. When I don’t wear makeup, almost everyone comments on how tired I look…so I guess I just try to look less tired. I don’t wear a lot though and wish I knew how to wear even less. It’s not that I don’t like to do my makeup, it’s that I’m just too lazy to do it nice 🙂

  27. I wear it every day and pretty much have since I was 13, although my skill and color choices have improved at ton. I WISH I could say I love my face without makeup equally as much, but I don’t. However I’ve been sick for almost a week and have been going without. But also hiding at home, mostly. My daughter gets to play around with makeup, but I won’t really let her wear it until at least middle school.

  28. I posted on my blog about this a month or two ago. It was about lowering other people’s expectations of you! It’s a worthy goal! When you wear makeup daily, people notice when you don’t–and it’s not a positive response. When you wear it sporadically, people notice when you do and you get kudos! If you wear it every day no matter what, people don’t really notice it much at all.

    I rarely wear more than concealer and lip stuff, but I like the look of eyeliner too. The concealer is necessary to even out blotchy skin, but the lip stuff is pure enjoyment. I think it’d be awesome to view makeup like our grandmas did: a little powder and lipstick and you’re done. So simple!

    Now there’s bronzer and contouring and applying highlighter and all that crap. There are too many layers now! Serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, and for some, powder. Then add bronzer and whatnot. It just feels gross to me! I don’t think makeup needs to be so complicated.

    I like to think of it as an optional accessory–like a scarf or a bracelet, rather than required armor like a bra and shoes. I think that puts makeup in its proper place: a fun, girly thing that can transform and even be a creative outlet. It really doesn’t need to be how we “make up” for being less than perfect in our natural states. Men are considered good looking without makeup!

    Very interesting blog topic!

  29. I’m not big into makeup myself, but I’ve noticed what it does to my grownup daughters. They are both in their early 20s and “on the prowl.” OK, I’d like them to find men, I’m not sure what they really want. Anyway, when they put on makeup and take the extra time, they smile more and they FEEL more beautiful. But I think it is more because they are trying harder. As far as age goes, we allow makeup when they enter middle school, but in limited amounts…mascara, a little eye shadow and blush, lip gloss.

  30. I love that you are teaching your girls this lesson. My mom was a make-up artist, & kinda crammed the whole “make-up/made-up thing” down my throat. In a nice way of course. LOl) But I was waaay to young, & you are right… I did NOT feel pretty w/out it. Only until recently (I’m 30) I feel pretty when I’m not wearing make-up.

    Keep on it mama! A little is great sometimes, when your younger. Your girls will so thank you one day. It might just not be for a while!


  31. I wear makeup every day. But I go for a pretty natural look- basically colors and techniques that accentuate what I have. And honestly I could get by with just mascara and blush and be happy!
    Do I wear it to look prettier-maybe. I do know that I feel more pretty when I have my face on!
    I’ve always explained to my daughter that makeup isn’t to make you pretty it is to make the pretty that’s already there stand out and that less is always more!

  32. I only wear Mascara and lip stick. I probably should wear more.. and then I would look a little better.. but I don’t.

    My 10 almost 11 year old started sneaking mascara to school. We had a 12 year old rule for make-up here.. but after I found she was sneaking it.. we had a talk.. and I let her wear mascara.. and that is it.

    You have to pick your battles.. and this one wasn’t worth fighting over.
    ~ And I am judged by it.

    Sad. But… we all should parent how we feel best!

  33. I wear make-up everyday. And even when I don’t put on all of my makeup there is always mascara and lip gloss for those quick trips out. This post makes me happy I only have boys!

  34. I don’t get the “trustworthiness” attribute. Not at all.

    I try to wear makeup to work. Mostly mascara, because I have super long lashes but they’re blond and when I’m not wearing mascara, I look tired. Very tired. Forget the bags under my eyes, those can’t be helped 😉

    I wear it to brighten me up, but I also know I’m beautiful without it. I think my momma did fine by me 😉

  35. We aren’t allowed to wear makeup until we are 16. 🙂 (We meaning my sisters and I). Unless a special occasion arises, like a wedding, or something. But God created us each unique and beautiful. While/when we wear makeup, my parents want us to know that we ARE beautiful; in God’s eyes, and that is all that matters. 🙂 Your children may not like you now, but they will appreciate it when they are older. Love your conversations! They are always so cute and interesting!! 😀


  36. What an awesome and touching post! Your daughter IS so beautiful. My friend and I were just talking about this – kids growing up so quickly.
    My Mom is a substitute teacher and tells me stories of some of the girls and their make up and clothes choices.
    I have to admit, I painted my face up like a clown in high school. (I still kinda do. HA)
    But I hope that if I have a daughter someday, she realizes that make up doesn’t make you beautiful.
    I agree with you on it making us feel “better” and refreshed as women. Make up is fun to me! And I love “putting my face on” some days. But I also love days like today where I let it breathe.
    Thank you for this post!
    Have a wonderful day!

  37. I won’t go anywhere…ever…without a bit of concealer and foundation. I even exercise in makeup. This is certainly a habit that I have picked up as I have aged.

    I have the reddest nose in the land…oh, and blotchy, reddish skin, too. Bleck!

    My skin used to be so peachy and smooth…but that was 3 kids ago and many years ago.

    I still think a smile and twinkling eyes are anyones most beautiful feature…even if they have a red nose.

  38. I remember having this convo with my mom too and I dread having it with my own daughter. I admit I like makeup–it’s fun. I have more of it than I actually wear though b/c I prefer to keep it simple. This is always hard to answer b/c I do appreciate natural beauty, but I don’t really like my shiny forehead either, you know?

  39. Amazing post! I don’t think I ever went through a phase where I was dying to wear makeup. My mom only wears a little bit, and it’s always very natural. I still rarely wear makeup, only for fun nights out on the weekend, and even then I don’t always wear it. It’s interesting the findings in this study, but at the same time, when look at that image, I was drawn to the more natural/professional looks. Thanks for posting!

  40. You watch “The Bachelor” too?! YES! Another reason I like you. It’s such a stupid show, and only has, like, a 2-star rating, but I still like it. =) It’s my bad TV indulgence after all kids and husband (who refuses to watch such a stupid show with me!) are in bed.

    Make-up? I don’t wear it everyday. But I do like it, and sometimes do put it on just for when my husband comes home. (And almost always when I go out!) For the same reason I wear cute jeans and tops — because I know there are uber-cute women out there around my husband all day, and I want him to think I’m just as cute as them!

    I wear: eye shadow (browns), mascara, blush, highlight powder, and lip gloss. Sometimes I wear a powdered concealer. I can’t stand lip stick or creamy concealer! I hate the super-perfect make-up look. Not realistic. But I’m a natural, athletic (back when I was single) type anyway.

    So who’s your favorite on “The Bachelor?” I like Kacie B a lot!

    • We were meant to be friends! That Bachelor is so addicting. I know I shouldn’t, but I love the drama and I think it’s sweet they they’re looking someone to spend their life with. Never mind, that they almost always break up after the show! I don’t really have a favorite, but I also like Kacie B.

      I go pretty simple with my makeup too. And I like that you put makeup on for your husband sometimes. I think I need to make a little more of an effort there!

  41. I just started wearing eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss about 2 years ago. I am 38 years old. I can’t stand the feel of make up on my face. Before that I had been wearing mascara since my senior year of high school about 3 out of 5 days a week. I’m hoping my girls do the same. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than their faces…free and clear 🙂

  42. Oh yes as moms we’ve gotta have something to cover up those sleepless nights! I think you will be able to teach them just fine about inner beauty. You’re a great example!

  43. I wish I wasn’t so pale and didn’t need make-up to give my face a little color.

  44. Crazy! I have never heard of that study…but so interesting to read this! If I could turn back time I would have worn less makeup when I was young and fresh…and save the heavy stuff for later. (like now.)

  45. I very rarely wear makeup despite the fact that I own a ton of eye shadows. Part of why I don’t wear it is because I’m lazy and the other part is that I like the natural look. My kids like playing with makeup but my husband hates when they do so we don’t let them have any. Not sure how this will play out in the future though.

  46. My mom wasn’t really a makeup wearer while I was growing up. As a result I never had anyone to show me how to wear it properly and I, too, gravitated away from it. Now that I’m an adult I go to things now and then that require me to look more polished and it’s hard for me to make myself look the part. It doesn’t help that I’ve got somewhat odd coloring and it’s hard to find makeup to suit me. My hubby prefers me clean-faced and that’s my preference unless I need to go someplace nice. I do plan on having Sweet’ums learn though so when she’s grown she’s not like me.

    I hadn’t heard of this study. I do think if you were to repeat the study in a culture where bare faces are the norm you’d get opposite results. It’s all about what you’re used to seeing and cultural attitudes, know what I mean? This kind of stuff is always interesting to ponder.

  47. I actually wear very little makeup. I was never a fan of putting on a lot but I do wear some on the weekend. Interesting study!

  48. I feel more confident in make-up and done hair. I allow my daughters to start wearing make-up at 12 as long as it looks nice. My 13 year old was consistently putting on too much make-up and denying it until we had family portraits. She wore her usual too much make-up saying it was her “natural look”. It did not look good in the pictures and she has been much more conservative about how much make-up she uses since then. Now, she is enhancing her beauty, not painting her face.

  49. I don’t wear a lot of make up, but I do like some. I think that it is good that you are teaching your girls about inner beauty, that is so important.

  50. I wear makeup a.couple times a year. I’ve never been good with putting it on and never tried to much. I brought some pallettes before Christmas and played in them a couple times. I think as long as you express it and don’t worry and allow them to wear it at the proper time, they will do just fine.

  51. I went from wearing make up almost daily for work to rarely, if ever, wearing make up at all unless I’m headed somewhere “professional.” Ryan says he prefers when I don’t wear make up but nonetheless I almost always get the “wow” from him when I do, so I find that a little contradictory. 😉 My girls love playing with makeup but they know that it’s not something for every day use. While I don’t think children should be taught that make up is what makes them beautiful, I also think coming down on it like it’s something really wrong can also be a bit confusing. Sometimes some girly pampering just lifts a soul.

  52. I guess I wear it to just look alive and awake! I am glad to have dark features though, because I feel like I am fine if I have a no make up day. Well, fine enough anyway. LOL

  53. Sandra Tyler says:

    I wear it every day, not a lot, but feel funny walking out without it. I’m not so big on doing my nails, rarely ever ever et a manicure. Akers too much time. Glad I have boys, as this is not an issue!

  54. Sandra Tyler says:

    Boy, rereading what I wrote. Cannot type on this glass iPad too good!

  55. I seldom wear make up

  56. I LOVE make-up…I don’t know why.. I always look for cool ways to wear it.. I love the Marilyn Monroe era with the dark eyes and red lips (however red lipstick looks ridiculous on me).. anyways… as much as I love it..and experience with it..I don’t really wear all that much of it. Yes..I wear it every day..even on Sundays…but as long as I’ve got Liner and Mascara (oh and cover-up and concealer and liquid blush) I’m usually good to go.. oh with a little lip gloss too.. haha… My mother never wears makeup..and I think it suits her.. I think a lot of woman are beautiful without make-up..but I’m not willing to risk it.. lol

  57. I used to NEVER go out of the house without AT LEAST mascara. I’m a red head…I barely have eye lashes. But…the older I’ve gotten (and more lazy and frazzled and….) the less I wear it. I like the way I look with it…but I’ve gotten used to the “more natural” me.

    It’s a good thing I don’t have girls because I haven’t really spent much time analyzing it. Something for the future, I am sure.

  58. Offical make-up wh*re…right over here! I love it. I love the colours, the fact that your eyelashes can touch your forehead, or glitter (but not for day, pshaw!) I can rock the smokey eye and the pouty lips. I love it because…it’s supposed to be fun. Not just about pride or confidence – it should be fun. And that’s what I tell my girls. It doesn’t “make” you beautiful, but just like putting on a nice outfit, you “feel” beautiful.

    Staying at home I don’t wear that much on a daily basis – I save it for church, and then really go all out on most date nights (which is like, twice a year). But I never, ever leave the house without my foundation – only because it is a combination foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen. mostly for the sunscreen – that’s just safety smarts.

  59. I’ve always worn a little makeup…I’d be on the natural scale of things. Though I don’t think any amount of makeup can truly cover those dark circles under my eyes…it’s partly genetic, I know. But I still try. The one thing I don’t wear is lipstick…in my mind it’s never really suited me. I’ve been thinking recently though I should look into a new natural one for me. Oh, and in my high school days it was purple!…eek.

  60. That’s a tough one. Since I’m a SAHM I very rarely put make-up on. I usually only do it if I am going somewhere fun or if I’m feeling a bit down on myself appearance-wise… it happens. Oh, and on Sundays, of course! Every time I do it for no reason at all my kids are sure we’re going somewhere and get all excited. They’re disappointed when I tell them that Mommy just wanted to put it on.

    Good luck with the daughters… I know how it is. My barely eight year old has been known to ask if she looks fat in certain clothes. That’s been happening since she was about five. Really? FAT? You’re eight… UGH!

    I worry sometimes.

  61. I wear makeup every day. Even on the weekends. My skin has revolted against me in my 30s do I feel like I need to cover my zits, my dark spots and my eye bags. I think makeup can enhance your natural beauty and make you look pulled together!

  62. I’m guilty of wearing make up, only because I’m so fair skinned and need the colour boost as well…and because I have hereditary dark circles under my eye 🙁 LOL. I feel so rough looking without it because of those reasons, but also don’t want my daughter feeling she has to wear it!

    Janae, You’ve been Tagged! Check out my blog if you want to play along! 🙂

  63. I love to wear makeup but in the last few years I’ve been very lazy about putting it on. One day I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror after grocery shopping. Before picking up a few items, I had been to the gym. My hair was flat, sweaty and thinly hanging in strings over my forehead. With no makeup I looked okay because I was still flushed from my run. But I’ve decided not to do that anymore. I don’t mean to scare people! It would be good for me to wear makeup every day just in case I happen to see myself in the mirror. Then that negative critic inside might shut up.

  64. I wear make-up. I think I look better with at least a coat of mascara on. That being said my husband likes me better with no make-up on at all. I’m always trying to cover up my freckles and he wants to see them.

    I hope that I can find the perfect medium of teaching Annabelle that make-up isn’t necessary but thatif she wants to wear some, once she’s old enough, she can. Just nothing too crazy.

  65. Great post. Now if only more moms were like this. I mean there are lots but then you see the Toddlers and Tiaras and the little girls are made up like they are adults and that the outer beauty is all that matters. I dont wear much make up although I probably should since age is starting to show…lol…I too want to teach my daughters that beauty is only skin deep. I want them to be confident within themselves which then will shine outwards. Make up only *enhances* natural beauty. Natural beauty only come from within. Even when I do wear make up I wear the more natural looking not too dolled up.

  66. I look prettier with makeup on, so that’s why I wear it, because looking pretty helps me feel confident and good about myself. If I’m going to be staying home all day, I give my skin a break and usually don’t wear as much, if any at all. Like you, I don’t care if my husband sees me like that either. (He seems to think I’m beautiful no matter what! Crazy man.)
    I enjoyed playing with makeup as a young girl. It made me feel grown-up and glamorous and it was fun. I see no problem with little girls wearing makeup sometimes just for fun!

  67. I only wear lipstick because otherwise people tell me I look sick. Seriously. They say I look pale and sick. Awesome. So yeah, give me my lipstick, colored chap-stick, whatever you got that can give my lips color…bring it on! Otherwise, I don’t bother. Frumpiness is in. (At least that’s what I tell myself.)

  68. This is a tough one and what an interesting study! When I saw those pictures I was immediatly drawn to the glamorous one, but really liked the professional the best.
    My mom taught me that makeup was for highlighting your good features, just like a nice correctly fitting outfit can make your body look best. So it isn’t that we are trying to change who we are just be the best us we can be.

  69. I love this post! I also think it’s important to teach “less is more” once makeup is allowed!

  70. My 9 year old step-daughter is in cheerleading and they cake it on. Now I was in ballet so I understand, bright spot lights, but I never really wanted to wear it. And I remember when I was little and my mom was younger (obviously) she wore a lot of it. I wasn’t so crazy about it, especially when she had to put that gross foundation on my face. She used to drive my nose nuts! but that’s also how she puts it on herself… anyway other than when I had to wear it I didn’t want to until 7th grade when all the girls were doing it… that lasted all of like 2 weeks, and I realized I liked my sleep way better. In high school I wore it to like dances & prom, but that was it b/c if I wore it no one noticed and would tell me, oh you wear it all the time anyway when I didn’t. So I kind of started wearing eyeliner/mascara in college just b/c it really made my eyes pop. Now days I wear some eye make up and chapstick. But for Christmas my step-daughter said she wanted make-up. I gave her some of my old stuff (even though it isn’t old, just stuff I don’t wear) and then my mom found her “kid” make-up that’s real, but she’s not allowed to leave the house in it, although she wants too. Which is weird b/c I don’t really think her mom wears it (maybe powder or foundation, but that would be it my guess) so I think they are just more infatuated with growing up like all kids are. Ok and so I really gave you more info that you probably ever cared to read but hi, my names Nicole and I talk a lot… LOL 🙂

    • Your last line made me laugh. My name is Janae and I like to talk a lot too! I appreciated your comment. It’s interesting that even though your mom wore it you didn’t like it! My daughter had to wear some for dance last year, though she LOVED it. And, like you mentioned, she’s also just anxious to grow up. 🙂

  71. This is a tough one. Luckily, my 13 year-old hasn’t shown an interest in wearing a lot of make-up and you should see her make-up stash. She wears mascara and that’s it. I’m surprised she doesn’t ask me if she can wear more but maybe the fact that she had issues with acne has something to do with it. She’s probably afraid of having a flare up and then having to deal with unwanted pimples. Aww, puberty is such a wonderful time. I don’t miss it that’s for sure.

  72. I love makeup. I love playing and experimenting with different looks. One of my favorite things to do is go to Sephora or Ulta where they have out tons of testers and just play. I wear makeup almost every day… I agree with Stephanie, that it just makes me feel put together and presentable. I might be in jeans and an old college sweatshirt, but a little bit of foundation, mascara and lip gloss makes me feel like I look better. I have all boys, and they have all, at one time or another, wanted to play with my makeup and brushes and I certainly let them, until their interest faded. But I’m kind of glad that I don’t have to explain to my preteen daughter why it’s ok for me to wear makeup to feel better about the way I look, but she’s not allowed to wear it just yet. I don’t know if I could! 🙂

  73. I Love Makeup…
    especially lipstick.
    I’d never leave home w/out it!
    But I also agree about teaching our
    girls about heathy self image, body image, and girl power.
    I can’t stomach those HORRIBLE toddler & tiarra shows. I find this abusive…
    Anyhow, Wearing makeup is a personl choice.

    btw, I go bare and natural at home…and everybody still loves me just. as. i. am.

    X Good post.

  74. Hmm… interesting study. I almost never wear makeup these days. In fact the selfie I posted today is entirely make-up free. Yes, I am getting older and I see the dark circles of a toodler mom and cringe… but I guess laziness still wins in my world, haha!

  75. I wear lipstick only for work and only don full-on makeup for going out. It’s just fun.

  76. I don’t wear makeup unless I’m leaving the house. I love putting it on though and playing around with it. It has only been in the last few of years though. Until I turned 21, I refused to wear makeup unless I had acne. I hated it and my mom used to beg me to put it on.

    I am DREADING the conversation about makeup with my daughter. I feel the same way you do about it!

    This is what I think of too much makeup:

  77. I think looking “haggard” around your husband just reminds him of how hard you work, y/n??

    I started wearing makeup when my friends did…basics like concealer and lip gloss, when I was 12 or so? I didn’t care about it, but it was a peer pressure thing. My mom wears dated (IMO) makeup, and has for my whole life, so I wished I could have gone for her for help…instead, I only had teen magazines (and therefore trends) to look up(?) to.

    If you focus on accenting their natural beauty, and not trying to look like the models, I think you’ll all be fine.

  78. Who says girls are only pretty with makeup on? Men still prefer ladies who are simple yet confident with their looks.

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