Anyone Else???

painted purple toes

Just wondering…

Anyone else LOVE looking through cookbooks and watching The Food Network much more than actually cooking?
Still hoping my love for cooking will blossom.

Anyone else paint their son’s toenails recently after he demanded it?
Actually, both sons, though only one foot each.

Anyone else have your daughter point at your chest as you’re getting out of the shower and say, “I don’t want those if they look like that!”

Anyone else tried to stop watching the Bachelor, but can’t stay away?
Our living room TV completely died Monday night.  Maybe that’s a sign.

Anyone else worry excessively about the future teenage years with one of their children?
Hoping I will laugh about my worrying later.  Ha ha….ha……ha.

Anyone else like the thermostat at a cozy 78?
My husband and I battle it out.  He prefers the temperature to be a freezing 65!

Anyone else wait until the last minute to write most of their posts?
Perhaps that’s a little obvious today. 🙂

Anyone else tired of me using the words anyone else?
Don’t answer that.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Cooking dinner and loving it.

And on an unrelated note:
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  1. I worry about the teenage years all.the.time.

    I don’t like cooking that much, but I love eating, so I cook 😉

    Thermostat on 73 here, but I like it a little cooler in the bedroom – as low as 68 would be okay there!

  2. 1) Me
    2) Nope…only put on lipstick for him
    3) My son…say they look like raisin
    4) Not keen on that
    5) me though he is only 4 now.
    6) I like it warm too while he like it freezing
    7) Nope…Usually I schedule my posts but lately I have been rather lazy
    8) –

    Have a nice day!

  3. This is awesome 🙂 My husband and I are opposite about the thermostat – I set it at 67 and he wants it at 78!!!
    I am PETRIFIED of the teenage years…actually I am petrified about any age after age 3!!!

    And I always post at the “last minute”!

  4. Anyone else have your daughter point at your chest as you’re getting out of the shower and say, “I don’t want those if they look like that!”

    Not yet, but I can imagine some version of this will happen someday. 🙁

  5. 🙂 Niiiice!

    I’m with your hubby–I prefer it cold. Blame it on living where it typically stays above 70 outside…

    I’d rather cook than eat. How is that for weird?

    Your daughter has the right idea!

    I don’t have any boys wanting nails painted, but Sweet’ums routinely “colors” her daddy’s toes for him.

    And maybe, just maybe, the teen years won’t be so bad!

    Your posts are always a blast to read. I hope you have a great day today!

    • Ahhh, that’s so cute she colors her dad’s toes!!! And you’d rather cook than eat? Yes, completely weird. Yet, I’d love to be that way. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well Victoria! Thanks for your fun answers!

  6. You are cracking me up this morning (and BOY do I need it 🙂 My middle son, Grady, currently has one big toe painted in red sparkly glitter. Last week it was silver glitter. We are equal opportunity toe nail painters in this house (much to my hubby’s dismay!).

    Hope you have a great rest of the week! xoxox

  7. My husband calls me a hoarder bc I have saved all my Rachel Ray, Cooking Light and Food Network magazines plus have lots of cookbooks…..with not much to show!! A couple months ago I actually threw most of them out.
    And as far as the thermostat… Ours is set at 68, but mostly bc if it is much higher, the bill would be crazy high!

    • I would have had a hard time throwing those out too! And my husband always makes sure I see our crazy high gas bill. I would sacrifice a lot of things for my heat. 🙂 Best of luck on your trip tomorrow!

  8. girl, it happens to the best of us. and the worst of us. i painted my son’s nails too, he wanted blue 😀

  9. I worry about the teenage years all the time. Our heat is set to 73 as a high and 71 as a low, got to love programmable thermostats. But, our low temps outside aren’t as cold as the rest of the country

  10. I watch the episodes of the Pioneer Woman over and over. I love it. I’ve also enjoyed trying a few of her recipes.

    Thermostat at 78?!?!?!?!?! I can’t imagine. We keep ours at a comfy 65 😉

    • I’ve only watched the Pioneer Woman on the TV once, but she made some sort of rustic apple pie WITH caramel sauce that I would love to try. Enjoying my warm house right now. Ahhhh. My husband should be turning down the thermostat any minute. 🙂

  11. I am “anyone else”. Lol!! I love cookbooks but I think of them as beautiful books not tools for the kitchen. Oh and the thermostat…don’t even get me started. I walk around our house with a fleece and hat on!

  12. I LOVE looking through cook books. BUT I don’t love cooking nearly as much! And in a couple months I’ll let you know about painting little man’s toe nails. 🙂

    As for worrying about being a teenager-yes, but I actually worry just as much about kindergarten around here. Here the average age of getting pregnant is middle school. And I have some friends who have kids in kindergarten who have seen kids holding hands and things already.

  13. Bachelor = awesome. I will go down in flames with that crappy show!

  14. Ha ha! Love the list you have going on! Can’t say that I have any of those things on my list, but I have been enjoying cooking shows a lot more lately. They make it look so easy!

  15. I LOVE reading my cookbooks and food porn magazines. I love to cook too but I don’t follow recipes….just salivate over them.

    78 degrees??I would be pile of sweat! Ours is a comfy summer and winter!

  16. stephanie says:

    bahahha once when my sister was oh maybe 4 or 5 she asked my mom if her boobs would look like my moms when she got big. my mom responded that some people have big boobs and some people have little ones. to which my sister replied, “but will they be loooong like yours?” my mom gave her to the count of three to start running!

    • Lol! Gotta love kids and their honesty! I usually tell my girls things like, “You shouldn’t say that to people.” My daughter has responded several times, “You’re not people. You’re my mom!”

  17. Your posts always make me laugh because I can so relate. I am hooked on the Bachelor, I am not even going to pretend I don’t watch it. I worry about all my kids when they get to be teenagers. Good thing I am not worried about them liking me, I know they won’t. I am prepared for that, it just will mean I am doing my job.

  18. I love watching cooking shows, too, even though I really don’t enjoy cooking that much… LOL

  19. I love all things to do with cooking shows but abhor cooking with a passion! Glad I’m not the only one! 🙂
    I am an “Energy Saving Nazi.” If my husband even gets close to the thermostat, I freak. Guess we’re opposites on that one!

  20. Ha ha!
    I have one daughter that the teen age years frighten me to death! She is 8 and already a full fledged DIVA! My two teens are mild in comparison and I am fairly certain that by the time she gets there I will be begging to work out side of the home! 🙂

    about 90% of my posts are written daily although this week I wrote several and scheduled them… it was crazy how simple it was! 🙂

    BTW I am having a giveaway on my blog for some of the crafty stuff I have created swing on by and check it out. 🙂

  21. I worry about the teenage years ALL the time…let’s see their about 7 years and 11 years aways so I’m going to worry for the next 7/11 years AND than worry all through the teenage years, UGHHHHHHHHHHHH! 🙂

    Your children are hilarious! 🙂

  22. 78??? Seriously??? We couldnt’ afford to keep it there – No Joke! We keep ours around 69-71 depending on the wind outside…right now? 71 is common being that its -40 out there….

    Love this post! 🙂 its awesome!

  23. I’m right smack in the middle of teenage years. My goal everyday is to make it through the day without crying or throwing my hands up in the air.

    And 66 degrees is where it is at 🙂

  24. I do enjoy cooking…sometimes. But I love the IDEA of cooking a ton. And I can answer “yes” to many of your other questions. My son has had colored toenails MANY times. 🙂

  25. I am not sure about the cooking one. I feel like I spend most of my time in the kitchen. But I do spend more time thinking about better meals than preparing better meals.

    Yup, whoever wants those toenails painted– whatevs. Anyone can have blush on too.

    If I knew that having babies would make my chest look like my mothers, well…

    no tv. Can’t bring myself to pay for it. Olympics may change that.

    13’s not so bad. I worry about 17.

    We are both wimpy when it comes to temperature. 74 in winter/ 78 in summer

    last minute– that’s just everything in my life, not just the blog.

    • Ya, those babies haven’t been so good to my figure. Mostly I’ve just shrunk down to nothing. I’m surprised my daughter even noticed anything.

      No TV, huh? I love that! You mean your kids actually play? I would like my family to watch less TV, but I may have withdrawals if it was gone.

      And I’m perfectly OK with my wimpy status. 🙂

      Hope you’re having a great weekend Diane!

  26. 65 is freezing! I need it at 70 degrees — at least.

    I could answer YES to many of these questions. Especially the one about reading cookbooks. *ME!*

  27. Love this! It’s better than just a list, which I do sometimes when there is no good blog fodder going on in my household!

  28. Love this post! I absolutely find myself doing more watching than actually doing things. LOL

  29. I don’t love cooking. For some reason it just doesn’t come natural to me. My sweetie can throw stuff together and come up with something amazing…I have to have a recipe and even then it doesn’t always turn out right.

  30. Aren’t those Food Network cooking shows just mesmerizing;) Especially that Giada girl. I’d love to have a few of those kitchens too. I always watch and pretend that I will cook like that. Right now, I’m totally hooked on Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsey on BBC America channel!(Did I tell you that already?)

  31. Yep, especially the first two!

  32. A fun post as usual; I am smiling and I loved it.
    You are so fun and I always get a chuckle from your humor. What your children say is always classic. I could use some time to watch cooking shows. Right now I just use my husband as the cook and he could be on a show. He cooks good.
    Blessings to you for the smiles today.

  33. My son prefers manly red nail polish on his toes! But he rocks it so well! 🙂

    My son once told me “Your boobies are gross.” I told him to remember that when he was 18!

    Thankfully my husband and I are on the same page for the thermostat. Unluckily for us our house is SO drafty that it never stays the temp we want it.

    I am VERY worried about the teenage years with Babe. Wait until you see tomorrow’s pictures!

    Normally I am a last minute poster but I have tomorrow’s planned. Only because I can’t wait to share the wackiness of Babe! 🙂

    Good luck with cooking! I hate it so much I don’t even try to watch cooking shows. They just make me mad!

  34. I love the food network, and love to cook, if the kitchen is clean when I start. I tend to write posts and publish immediately (that is, when I’m writing). I’m usually cold, but won’t change the thermostat. I’d rather snuggle in a blanket or have an excuse to lock the bathroom door and take a long bath.

    Also, I’m dreading the teenage years with my oldest. I’m thinking boarding school, or a nunnery – do they still have those?

  35. **Umm, yes, except that I love to cook. I just never have all the ingredients I need.
    **No because the boys take it upon themselves to paint their OWN fingers and toes.
    **Well, something like that… but to be honest, I don’t want them anymore either. After five kids, no thanks!
    **FINALLY quit the Bachelor but it was hard.
    **Umm, No! That’s way too hot for me but 65 is much too cold. I prefer 72.
    **Ha ha! Yes!
    **Not answering, but no.

    LOVE this post!

  36. Watching FN is far more enjoyable than cooking – though it sucks, because then you’re really hungry and have to eat your subpar food!

  37. I’m right there w/ ya on the cooking deal!! I LOVE looking through recipes and watching food network (paula deen is my favorite, and her cute son Bobby)

    I have a teenager you can borrow if you’d like to get the full teenager effect, it will give you good practice! 😉

  38. Haha…. the joy of children!! 🙂 The toenail painting reminds me of Donald off of National Velvet. Ever seen it?

    Your posts always make my day… 🙂


  39. #3 – oh my word! If mine said that to me I would have told them I have looked like this since I got boobs. That would shut them up. lol

    #4 – LOVE the bachelor, although I haven’t watched it this time around. Actually didn’t even know it was on again.

    #6 – ours is set to 67 degrees and I’m always cold. But it does save us money on the power bill in the winter.

    I saw a guy and his girlfriend out at a restaurant last summer and he had his toes painted bright red. It was so odd, and I was wondering if this was a new fad for guys or if he was just a crazy guy being ‘different’.

  40. 1. No…I only go through cookbooks when I’m pregnant. Then for the next several years I cook the same recipes over and over.
    2. Nope…because I rarely even paint my own.
    3. i wish I had a daughter…okay….sometimes. Besides…I’m just about as flat as any boy I know…even if I had a daughter she wouldn’t notice a difference between me and her dad.
    4. Well…we gave up on the Bachelor 6-7 years ago. Biggest Loser is our thing now. In fact, my son said today, “I cant wait to get fat so I can go on the Biggest Loser.” To which I replied…how about you be one of the trainers some day.” “Okay.” Whew.
    5. I’m extremely afraid of the teenage years. I try not to think about it. 4 BOYS! HORMONES! AHHHHHHHH!
    6. 67 degrees in this house baby! Wood floors and all! Yeah…we go for the “layered” look around here.
    7. I get too anxious when I set “posting schedules”. I just post when I feel like it and forget it when I dont.
    8. No answer. You said not to.

    I really wanted to join in on your link up last Friday. I just got too overwhelmed with getting the post done (and my husband may or may not have come home 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave on a date and I still was in my pajamas) and so I gave up. I’m planning on it this week though. can’t wait.

  41. Oh, if only I could learn to love cooking…

  42. I think it’s hilarious that your sons wanted their toes painted. I see why you would worry about the teenager years. Haha. Just joking!
    But yeah, I do worry about teenage years all the time. Especially bc I have a black sheep teenage brother who took the meaning of rebelling to a whole new level!

  43. I hate cooking too! And I can relate to almost all of these. Too funny!! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today 😉

  44. I do love to look at food magazines and I love to watch the cooking channel but I have to admit I also love cooking. Probably because I love eating 😀

    My husband likes the house at 65 too – what is it with these guys. The other night our whole family was wearing coats and wrapping up in blankets and I finally said that this is ridiculous and turned it up to 70 and still drank my hot chocolate!!

    I have had 4 teenagers already – just one to go and I think he scares me the most – LOL!!

  45. I love reading through cookbooks. I may never make something in them but, I love to read the recipes!

  46. I wish our house was a cozy 78! We are resigned to keeping it at 65 so we don’t end up with a $500 electric bill.

    I just about died laughing at the boobs comment. ;o) Thank you for that.

  47. I am always freezing and my husband’s answer is, “It’s not cold!” Because clearly if he’s comfortable at 70 degrees & I’m not, it’s because I’m crazy and not because cold is a subjective thing. Grumble! And HA about the painted toenails!

  48. I could watch the cooking channel ALL DAY. My love for cooking still hasn’t kicked in. What’s that about?

  49. I totally love looking up recipes! I only try new ones in spurts here and there, but they are so much fun to collect.

    So far, after reading your list, I’m a little thankful that Arya doesn’t talk yet (at least the english language). I’m REALLY not looking forward to all of her “honest comments”.

    And soooo not looking forward to the teenage years!! 🙂

  50. I’ve painted my little guy’s toenails before. I was doing my daughter’s and he insisted! I did go with blue at least.

    And my daughter has never said anything about my chest, but she did tell me once that I have spider webs on my tummy. Thanks sweetie, I love you too.

  51. Yes! I definitely painted my son’s toes when he was small….usually clear though because Hubby would have a conniption – goofball. I’m sure he demanded the same from his mother. And yes! We have thermostat wars here as well. Although, currently he is winning because of our new “system.” You can’t ratchet the system up from 65 to 78 in one fell swoop – otherwise it goes into “emergency” mode and costs us a lot of money. You can only go up a degree at a time. I’ve informed hubby we will NEVER have this kind of heating system again.

  52. Love this type of post! Your kids sound adorable and I bet you’ve got more fun stories to share with us 😉

  53. #1 is so me! I’m trying to stay motivated by meal planning. And I totally am a last minute blog post-er. Hence my lack of posts lately, lol!

  54. Ha! The shower one cracked me up. I get a panic attack thinking about the teen years with my daughters. My son’s toenails and fingernails are painted at this very moment. I’ve been a total last-minute poster lately too.
    I guess we really do have a lot in common 😉

  55. Laughing out loud at your daughter’s shower comment!! Oh how I’ve missed your blog (been super busy this past week!)

  56. Oddly enough, I’ve been cooking a lot more lately, only I still look at recipes much more often then I actually cook (we’re big into freezer meals right now, I make enough for 2 meals, freeze one, and we eat the other that night). Some day I might be awesome and make fantastic meals from scratch each and every day, but I have 2 kids, home school, a baby on the way, and a husband in Med School who constantly needs my help (Am I the only one who feels like a degree is earned by more then just the person who’s name is on the actual paper?)
    And since I am pregnant, I love the house at about 68, we’re visiting family and they have it at 71, I feel like I’m in Hawaii and I need to go swimming!!
    I obsess about my son being a teen, he’s a crazy boy, reminds me of his daddy, and my cousin, and my brother, and a few of our family friends. Yeah, their teen years… ug, I’m not sure I can handle the cops, the fires, and the other trouble they caused. He’s going to have to make friends with a police officer’s son (that’s seriously the ONLY reason my brother didn’t end up in juvie. *cringe* I’m really hoping I’m just freaking out for nothing)
    And my mom actually painted my son’s nails purple sparkle just yesterday. I told her he’s allowed to get his toes painted, and yeah, she obviously listened… (You can’t see me now, but I’m rolling my eyes!)
    And I’m sorry that you’re daughter said that about your body. My kids are obsessed with getting older so they can have stretch marks. My daughter’s shirt left a mark on her skin once and she got all excited and ran to tell me that she got her first stretch mark. Silly little girl. And she keeps asking me when she gets her boobs, but she was born into the wrong family, we’re pretty much concave until we get pregnant, but I don’t want to tell her that, I really don’t want to see the outcome of that info coming out!
    Sorry this is SO long, it’s been a LONG day (week/month/year, I know we’re only 18 days in) and all these questions bring up SO much of my emotions right now.

    • Hey Beth,
      I love reading your answers! I think we’re a lot alike! I’ve also been big into freezer meals lately. It’s been hugely helpful!

      You are busy! And yes, I think spouses deserve some sort of honorary degree. When my husband was getting his Masters I was the one who did all the editing! Among other things.

      That made me laugh about the stretch marks. Exciting she got her first! I don’t get stretch marks easily, but since having kids my chest has really shrunk down to nothing. Amazing my daughter even took notice!

      I hope this next week is a good one for you!

  57. My advice don’t worry, it will be what it will be. I worried about my children so much and things that I worried about never happened and the things that I never thought would happen – happened.

  58. Love reading cookbooks! When I get a new one, I read through it like it’s a regular book. I’m weird.

  59. Anyone else pinning recipes that they will simply never make?
    Anyone else’s newly bought (only for decorating purposes) hand towels found full of nail polish..Black nail polish..because they refuse to believe Halloween is over.
    Anyone else’s 5 year old son had a discussion with his friend (a girl) at school about how they would be honeymooning in France?
    Love how similar our lives can be 🙂

    • Hilarious! I’m laughing WITH you about the hand towels, right? And I hope the 5-yr-old honeymooners have a wonderful trip. 🙂 My 6-yr-old daughter is still convinced she will be marrying her Dad.

  60. My husband asked my daughter if she thought I was pretty, she told him no, but that she was beautiful…jokes, on her, she looks like me. lol 😉 Totally joking, she’s adorable. Love your post!

  61. Your son demanded his toes painted!– HA! Love it.

    I am a worrier – period. Don’t get me started on the teenage years. UGH!

    Hope your cooking was a success! 🙂

  62. I too love to read about cooking a lot more than I like to cook! But, I think it’s the comment your daughter made about your chest that’s going to stay with me! Love you!

  63. I paint my son’s toenails all the time. He loves it, my husband on the other hand always rolls his eyes and cringes when he sees it.

  64. i really wish we didn’t need food to survive or i could somehow use a glue gun to prepare a meal. i really hate cooking. and i feel like i’m already in the teen years with my 4 year old.

  65. Ummm the last minute posts? Hello I’m queen! Soooo queen that I haven’t actually written any lately! On that today!

    The bachelor?! Yes!! It is a weird obsession! I mean why do these women do this to themselves duh! I get it on my iPad so I always have it!

    And I loooove cooking magazines and such, however my family seems to still always get the same 7 go to’s!

  66. Never painted my son’s toenails but he also has never asked. I just stay away from the bachelor as I know I would be sucked into that hot mess, instead I just read other peoples recaps online 🙂

    Sometimes my last minute posts end up being my best ones.

  67. Ha ha…the things kids will say. And I’m impressed your boys sat down that long to get their toenails painted!

  68. Pretty much yes to all of those except the toe painting….because he’s not old enough and doesn’t talk yet 😛

  69. I like the words “anyone else”


    I’ve totally quit the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I’ve never been more proud of myself.

  70. We had a rule when my youngest son was a toddler, that he could only have his toes nails painted blue or black.

    I am waiting for that love of cooking to blossom as well. Hubby calls it a problem at our house. (my lack of desire)

    I am in the midst of those teenage(selfish) years. I find it some days hard to laugh other days I can’t stop laughing.

    All my girls and I love watching the Bachelorette. This is the first year that I have begun to think that it is time to stop watching all that girly drama. I see and hear enough girly drama having a house full of teen girls.

  71. I’m still hoping to develop a love for cooking, and then hoping that it will blossom into something consistently delicious!
    I too like my house nice and warm, while my husband would be fine with it much cooler! It’s a frigid 0ish degrees in Iowa today so we need our house to be nice and warm!

  72. Ha, my husband and I battle over the thermostat a lot. I even wrote about it once. I have it set to 76 and he feels that’s much too hot! But if it’s any lower, I freeze. I chill very easily..

  73. I love perusing through a beautiful cookbook, and I find I only enjoy cooking when I get some kind of inspiration about it. Meaning, I am not rushed after a long day teaching sp ed kindergarten!

  74. I was just going to ask you to email me a reminder about your linkup until I realized Friday is TOMORROW! LOL! Where did this week go?! And I started cranking up the heat at night because I worried about bubs getting too cold only to find him sweating in his footie jamas, haha. I prefer it cold at night.

  75. Yes, yes and more yes’. LOL. Great post even if it was last minute. And I love the Food Network shows but also like to cook too. Have a great weekend!

  76. this post is pretty cute and you waited till the last minute? well done! my son has wanted me to paint his nails when he sees me paint mine, but I still haven’t caved on that 🙂

  77. Painted toenails, hilarious!

    Foot network……no.

    I have plenty of other time wasters, those two aren’t it.

  78. “I don’t want those if they look like that!”


    Classic. x

  79. My son wanted this toes painted BLUE when my SIL made it sound so cool. It didn’t bode well with me.. I worry all the time about how my kids will be as teenagers, especially when I think how I was.. and then watch those shows on TLC called Intervention– and yes, I wish I could cook–I’m inspired by the shows, but not enough to actually do anything about it… we like our microwave!

  80. your boy’s toes look adorable! 😉 great color!
    you make me laugh so hard! ugh, i wish i loved to cook. but only find it relaxing once in a blue moon!
    omygoodness, what your daughter said about your chest…i was LOL

    i hope your found peace and fun in cooking tonight!
    have a fabulous weekend! <3

  81. OMG, did she really say that as you were coming out of the shower?? Thankfully I have boys…or am I scarring them for life with mine? LOL!

  82. Yes, I paint my sons’ nails, and yes, I like my house cozy! We have a wood furnace, so the average temperature in winter is 80 degrees. The other day it was 91, and that was a *little* warm for me, but if it drops below 78 or so, I usually grab a sweater!

  83. I love looking through cookbooks!! I find soooo many recipies I want to try, but haha, like i have time!

    Lincoln doesn’t demand his toenails painted but he asks so cutely how can I say no???

    We like about 74 75 not 78…we used to fight about it, but finally we have reached a happy medium! 🙂

    I don’t wait til the last minute to post…I just don’t hahaha!

    Love you!

  84. loved this. i haven’t read your blog much lately. i’ve kinda become a pinterest geek. and i’m determined that one day i’ll be as awesome as some of those people on pinterest that post all their amazing recipes and crafts and photos.
    but i was looking today and loved this post. sooooo much of it i can relate to. however i’m not one to keep my thermostat at 78. we’re more a 68 to 69 kind of family. and the monthly bill probably has something to do with it as well.
    hope your doing well!

  85. Yes. Yes, I worry about the teenage years. With Lexie, to be precise. She’s going to kill me.

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