Good News! Drinks on Me

My three-year-old, Mase, was so proud to show me.   He made a drink, all by himself.   His little brother, Dax,  was desperate to have some of the pretty liquid.  Note the hand.

Once I realized the only evident source, I snapped a quick photo and confiscated the alluring warm beverage.  My half-shirted toddler was furious.

Lucky for him, Mase seems to be making an endless supply.  Three cups just yesterday.

So, my good news:  Nobody drank the “kool-aid”…yet.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Appreciating the adventure of having boys. 

Add your good news below!


  1. Oh my! I’m so glad you got the drink in time!

  2. That’s GOOD news?! I’m so sorry for you.

  3. One of my sister’s little boys asked if he could have some Mountain Dew. She said she thought they were out. He says “No, look. There’s still some in the bottle.” She says okay but before he got to drink it his brother came running in the house yelling, No! Don’t! After figuring out what happened, she asked the brother why he peed in the bottle. “He says, I just wanted to see if I could.”

  4. I’ll take a pass on that drink….

  5. Oh my…boys and their “drinks”. How funny!

  6. OMG…the joys of the motherhood. LOL

  7. Oh my goodness, I think I’d just die! That is too funny! I think I’d have to throw the cups away!

  8. Oh my…..I’d love to know what was going on his head the moment the idea struck him! LOL Let’s hope he doesn’t also think of making some “chocolate” for the poor unsuspecting toddler!

  9. Shut up! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week!! Hahahaha! Yesterday I caught my 3-1/2 year old completely naked “using the restroom” outside. Thankfully he managed to put on his rubber boots before sneaking out!

    Hope yall have a great weekend!

  10. Oh dear! Where do they come up with these ideas so young!

  11. Your family DEFINITELY needs their own TV show! I would watch all the time…your children are HILARIOUS!!! I bet there is NEVER a dull moment in your house! 🙂 I love how furious Dax is in that picture…please be sure to share that picture, and this story with him when he’s older, and I’m sure he’ll thank you for confiscating the “beverage” 😉 Too funny!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I love how pissed (hehe, no pun intended) Dax is that you wouldn’t let him have any!

    I’m glad Bud has not thought to do this (yet)!

    But look how proud Mace is! How can you be mad at a face like that!! 🙂

  13. Hilarious!

  14. Boys! You gotta love them! My husband’s dad fell for that trick when all of the kids were small. It was my husband’s older brother. Needless to say, he spent a lot of time in his room that day. He was a bit older than Mase…like 6 😉

  15. Sandra Tyler says:

    Oh, that reminds me so much of my Kenny – forever concocting potions! For a long time it WAS in cups, but they were left everywhere, but luckily nothing every appeared even close to drinkable; usually too bubbly. Now he has test tubes and at least he keeps those capped. Great post, so happy you’re back!

  16. Oh my goodness! Thank heavens no one had any! EW! Man, you really do have some crazy little ones! Best of luck, mama!

  17. Oh my….is that what I think it is??? I am SOOOO happy right now I have a little girl…. ;o)

  18. Lol!! Oh my gosh. Good thing his brother didn’t drink it.

  19. Kids are so naughty. Do you think he would have let his little brother drink it? Boys and girls are so very different.

  20. Oh you have me in stiches!!! What on earth am I ever gonna do w a boy if I ever have one?!?

  21. I am so sorry to say I have seen this in my house, too.

  22. This is hilarious! You would have had a whole different post if you waited another few second. Haha

  23. LOL that is great!! I love the look on Mase with his liquid concoction. He is so proud!
    Aren’t boys great 🙂

  24. Ok I had to laugh as I read this because I am so thankful that my boys have not decided to try something like this. I could totally see them doing this. I hope they never get this idea. Boys are something else 🙂

  25. Ew…well, um, that’s creative I guess. 🙂

  26. I was waiting for it to be pee. Seriously.

    Happy weekend! ♥

  27. WOW! I hope that never happens at my house!!!

  28. I don’t know if I’ll ever be that thirsty:)

  29. Oh BOY, oH BOY, OH boY! Yeah…I totally know what you are talking about.

  30. This could so happen to JDaniel. He loves to take little sips of everyone’s cups.

  31. Wow that is hilarious!! I have two boys but they’ve never pulled that one, thank goodness I don’t know if I would be as quick as you to realize what was going on! You know you are a true blogger when you whip out a camera to document things like this 🙂

  32. Well, at least it is sterile 😉

    Too funny!

  33. I don’t know how I wasn’t a liker before on your Facebook…sorry! Now I am:) Isn’t that word, liker just weird?

    I bet Mase was just hoping that Dax would take a sip. Hey, that Bear guy on Discovery does it all of the time!

  34. Oh my gosh; how funny is that?? I loved it!

  35. I know I can always come to your blog and have a good laugh and big smile on my face! 🙂 Omygoodness! That story would have a sad ending if the cup wasn’t taken away in time! He looks so eager to try it! LOL
    I was just talking about you to a friend and telling her a few funny stories! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!

  36. Seriously if you turn your back for a second you’ve got trouble!

  37. It is a good thing you got there in time.

  38. Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. That is hilarious!! I’m so glad no one has had a taste yet. This post just made my day.

  40. May I just tell you how awesome you are to join Club-Content! Christina and I are seriously touched and thrilled! I’m so grateful to have you there!!

  41. Oh Goodness!! Hopefully bartending is not in his future 🙂

  42. oh gross!! that is hysterical and disgusting all at the same time lol

  43. Is there ever a dull moment in your house?? Lol
    Oh boy I’m so glad you got to that drink before Dax did!!!

  44. oh. my. i don’t even know what to say,,lol

  45. Oh my goodness!! This is just too much! I love it, well at your house not mine. lol

  46. OMG that is too funny!! Good thing you got the drink in time before anyone drank it. Yuck! LOL.

  47. OH MY HECK!!!!!!
    I almost passed out.
    Then I laughed!!!!!

  48. Oh man!!! That’s hilarious! I love the look on his face, he looks so proud of himself! LOL Boys do the funniest things sometimes…disturbing…but funny things 😉 Glad no one drank it hehe!

  49. That is hilarious! I love how proud he looks! But seriously, where did he get that idea? Has he been watching Red Dawn or something?

    I’m sorry for all the extra dishes he is creating for you!

  50. Hahahaahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  51. They are so sweet even when they are angry 🙂

    My kids love making drinks for each other, even “pretend” kind

  52. oh wow!!! the joy of having boys 🙂

  53. I’m glad nobody tasted that!

  54. It’s probably full of protein!!

    Still kinda gross – Glad you got it before it was too late!

  55. This is hilarious! Looking forward to having my boy grow up,lol:)

  56. Those pictures are priceless! LOVE the one with the hand reaching for that (yummy?? gag) drink and the look on Mase’s face is such a proud one! He better watch out though…I have a feeling one day Dax will get him back…and good!

  57. Oh man…I am laughing my head off! So glad you caught this one in time. hahaha.

  58. What is it about little boys peeing in cups? My son loves to do that! One time he had just gotten in the bath tub and was soaking wet and had to pee, so I gave him a cup to keep water from getting all over the bathroom. Now he thinks he should get to do that everytime he takes a bath. If I had only known what I was starting!

  59. Was that really Lools aid?! LOL

  60. Oh no! I always hear about little boys peeing in cups, but thankfully my two have yet to do it. I know if there were pee in a cup around here, someone would drink it. You must be a really good job to prevent that if he pees in cups often! 🙂

  61. I may have laughed, after I gagged. I have to say none of my kids have ever been so ingenious. (Thank heavens!)

  62. Glad that you were able to confiscate it before the little one drank it. Boys are really… uh nevermind. Haha.

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