Good News First Edition: Gullible

I think certain people see me like this.After a recent experience with a carpet cleaning guy, I even lived up to the gullible title.  But I’m changing my ways.


Since getting our new working toilets in November, my toddler has upped his flushing game.  Dax grabs anything he can find and tries to make it disappear into the depths of the alluring magical bowl.  He finally won the game!  Our hallway toilet was irreparably clogged.

My husband used a toilet snake and attempted to be the hero.  No luck.

He called a plumber.

It was another one of those great deals, only $40!   For that $40 the plumber spent a grand total of about five minutes in my bathroom.

It’s flushing again.

Really!?! Can I see?

I saw the flush.  It was a half flush and made a sad sounding gurgle at the end.

I think there’s still something in there.

Well, it seems to be flushing now.   The only other thing I can do is remove the toilet.

How much will that cost?


I almost gave in to the gullibility!  I wanted a completely healthy toilet and he was offering me a solution!  But I held strong and said a sad farewell to the plumber.

The toilet was completely clogged, again, the next morning.

In desperation, I used the plumbing snake myself.
On my first attempt I caught something!

not actual clogging eyelash curler, as actual clogging eyelash curler went immediately in the trash

Apparently I have missed my intended profession.

So, my Good News!  My toilet is healed!  And I didn’t have to pay $180.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Keeping my toddler out of the bathroom.

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  1. We became friends with the plumber until we bought a “snake” my youngest son was a flusher…even my husbands glasses:)


  2. Way to go! That is really DIY. Your photo also says “Don’t mess with me, I successfully retrieve metal beauty products from toilets.”

  3. Grr..I really hate it when plumber does that. Purposely fix it halfway and say need extra payment.

    The pipe in my bathroom is also leaking. Plumber came and looked and sait it’s due to the old piping. Need to replace new one. Hubi agrees and we did that.

    One month later it’s leaking again. The same plumber came and said it’s due to leakage from the unit above our apartment. Gosh!! I suspected that we have been had. The leakage had all along been due to the unit above ours and not old pipe. Suspected they glue the leaking area earlier and proceed to do the unnecesaary changing of the pipe.

  4. That is good news. You go girl.

  5. I’m so impressed! Not many people can go fishing and catch eyelash curlers.

  6. Good for you! I can’t believe Dax through those in there…well, yes I can but still! So proud of you for taking care of it yourself! I am loving this link up idea! I’ll get on Twitter and help promote today throughout the craziness 😉 xo!

  7. An eyelash curler!! Wow!
    That is awesome that you did not give in to the $180 charge and were able to fix it yourself! go you 🙂

  8. Soooo funny!! We totally had a flood in our downstairs bathroom just the other day. I just chalked it up to a random event but maybe I need to get my plumber-mom act together and snake mine too! 🙂

    Hope ya’ll have a great (and clog -free) weekend!

  9. i haven’t had a flusher yet, but i’m going to keep my eyes peeled.

  10. This is so funny!! Yea mom!!! Score one for mommy 0 for the plumber!!! I will never look at my eye lash curler the same way again!!! Love you!!

  11. You should definitely get a manicure and a pedicure as celebration for saving $180!!

    I’m so glad my kids are past the flushing stage.

  12. I had to use a plumbing snake once in the toilet. UGH! Not the best experience in the world but it sure makes you feel good to fix something on your own. Good job not being gullible with the plumber. $180 bucks – Wow!! Way too much!!

    • I wish it happened more often! The fixing part that is. We usually have to shell out the money.

      Thanks again for linking up! I wasn’t sure I’d have anyone join in this week.

      Have a great weekend!

  13. I’m always amazed at what I can accomplish when I don’t want to pay someone else to do it. Great job!

  14. GOOD FOR YOU! I’m proud of you for fixing the problem AND for not giving in.

    And that guy should be ashamed of himself for being so crooked and lazy.
    We had trouble with our toilets leaking. I called the plumber over and over and over again. I finally gave up deeming them incompetent (our house was brand new so everything was under warranty). Finally, My husband (who is NOT a plumber) fixed the problem. I want to call them and tell them that they should be ashamed of themselves. But, they wouldn’t be, I’m sure.

  15. Good for you for standing strong and not having the plumber do that. Ive only had to go fishing in the toilet once, hopefully no more weird things go down there.

  16. I have to nag my husband to try everything before we call a plumber.

  17. I’m proud of you for sending him packing.. and I’m always worried if I balk at what they say that they will intentionally do something to cause me to have them come back out and fix it again.. more money.
    But…. now, if it were me- I’d call up the company and say– um, so your dude came out– got my toilet to barely flush and then offered to remove it completely. I asked him to leave feeling like it was a waste. I got my own snake out and fixed it myself. You now owe me $40. Check made Payable to: Grumpy Grateful Mom.

    xoxo…. gotta hurry to link up with you– i’m so behind!

    • And that is why I need you to be my personal spokesperson. You have gumption.

      Ya, I’m behind too! It’s possible I didn’t get around to doing something I was planning to do either, but it will get done soon, very soon, though you may not be speaking to me by then. 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend!

  18. Stupid plumber! Imagine being paid $40 for five minutes. And you go girl! Glad you got it.

  19. You rock, lady! I would be chicken of what might come out. haha. I like this new meme and will def be linking up next week!!!

  20. Well! Next time I have plumbing issues, I’m calling you up!

  21. I am so glad neither of my kids tried to flush non-flushable objects down the toilet.

    Also, you rock.

  22. We have no problems with our toilets but the bathroom sink clogs up on a regualr basis. Do you do house calls? 🙂

  23. My kids have all been “flushers” too! Oh the agony! My hubby became a pro at removing the toilet to find stuck items. So glad we are past that stage! We’ve just exchanged that for other issues, ha ha! (Like a 10 year old that won’t flush…or uses a whole roll of toilet paper & then flushes…or puts his used tp in the garbage instead of the toilet…) Yeah…always something, right??? (Wait, was this supposed to be Good News????)

  24. I hate service calls like those. Always adding more and more on when they think you’re trapped. I’m glad my husband is handy around the house. I’m sure your husband is glad you learned plumbing too, lol!

  25. LOL glad you saved the day!

  26. I love it!! Total Score!! Eyelash curler, eh??? I am sure you have been wondering where that little buzzard has been, huh? Keep looking, mom. You may find that missing sock.

    Have a FAB weekend.

  27. I am so impressed that you have your own snake.

  28. Congratulations!!! I have paid plumbers MANY times. Very impressed with your unclogging skills!

  29. Haha! Way to go lady! I have a huge fear of overflowing toilets so I make sure I keep Giada out of all bathrooms. Once our toilet overflew and I was dry heaving the entire time. Which is kinda funny considering cleaning poop comes with my job.

  30. Oh my… OH MY! 🙂 What an interesting experience. My sister has recently told us about my nephew’s new found interest in toilets… 😛 Ugh.

    Hopefully your toilet-playing fella will get the idea… “nasty”. 🙂


  31. What’s that one toilet I’ve seen on the infomercials that flushes down some gigantic load of everything? Have you seen that one? I don’t know what’s worse, toilet unclogging or shower drain unclogging.;(

  32. good for you! that plumber sounds like a lazy jerk.

  33. Oh My Gosh this was so funny! However, I did feel your pain. I hate plugged toilets. We had a similar moment when a couple of Little People toys were flushed down and plugged the toilet. So happy you didn’t have to pay for the money for this one.
    Blessings to you and thanks for the laugh!

  34. clearly, you have a new profession and mr. plumber owes you $40 for wasting your time!

  35. I can’t believe you managed to snag that thing yourself and the plumber didn’t do it. Holy amazing!

  36. Oh my gosh! I’m glad you got it all taken care of but it’s a huge bummer to pay somebody good money to do a job they obviously are incompetent at!

  37. My grandfather always told me you had to have a plumber as a friend….and now I know why 🙂

  38. I am not gullible as much as extremely not handy. If I didn’t have my husband I would pay for EVERYTHING! The cars, the plumbing, hooking up my T.V., my computer even my phone. I am a total cliche.

  39. My stomach just turned over at the thought of using an eyelash curler that spent the night in the toilet. Blech.

    I think this might be the first time I’ve actually seen a picture of you on your blog! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that photo…well, except for the text across the forehead and all. ;o)

  40. That plumber was either an idiot or a totally scammer! What a butt! I would punch him for you if I could! You are so pretty by the way!

  41. Once I drained a bath tub, my husband stepped into the shower, and I flushed a toilet all at the same time, and a waterfall occurred in the toilet in the basement. Needless to say, a plumber was called, but the waterfall went all the way down my driveway. With toilet paper bits and poop in it. No kidding.

  42. It is amazing to me how much plumber charges, I am happy for you that you were able to fix it on your own.

  43. that on your forehead should not read “gullible” then, but “Plumber of the day” 🙂

  44. Gah! I remember the days of everything going into the toilet. My youngest, who is 8 now, was the world’s worst about flushing stuff. I think my brother-in-law had to take my toilet out twice and I bought myself a snake!

    Good job on your catch of the day! 😉

    I’m sure it won’t be your last.

  45. Hey, and I bet your husband would approve of your new profession of “plumber!” My husband is fond of telling me stuff like how much he’d love to be a piece of furniture so he could sit around and watch me clean/cook/reach for stuff all day long.

  46. Good for you for fixing it!

  47. Wow, thank goodness you didn’t end up paying that much to fix the toilet when you ended up being able to do it yourself! I have to admit, I would never do that. I can’t even bear to clean the toilet, so my husband takes on that duty.

  48. Apparently, you are a chick of many talents :)) Haa xx

  49. We have a snake thing as well, my youngest likes to put everything in the toilet, sometimes even herself if she can find her brothers potty to stand on. Who needs a plumber when you have a snake LOL

  50. Bravo for you! I’m afraid that people often see “gullible” stamped on my forehead as well. I’m working on changing my ways. Step one for me is to be less impulsive!

  51. Good for you! My daughter once flushed a round metal top from a pickle jar. I have no idea how her little hands could take the cap off! I always have to ask my husband for that! We lived in an apartment at the time and the maintenance staff ended up removing the toilet and smashing it with a sledge hammer to find the blockage. I think you would do a better job than those guys!

  52. YAY! LOVE LOVE LOVE this new link up! Makes ya find the positive in your week! Glad you got your toilet fixed!

  53. Good for you! I am proud of you mama!

  54. Way to go girl! 🙂 Luckily, my toddler has stayed out of the toilet so far. Whew.

  55. Yay for a healed toilet!!

  56. So did ya use it to curl your eyelashes?????
    Ya, plumber guy totally deserves the title “plumer BUTT”

  57. You’ve been tagged. I tagged you in my post….. Click here to find out more…. I cannot wait to read your I’ve been tagged post 🙂

  58. ahhh, LOL an eyelash curler!! i did NOT think you were going to find anything of the sort. i am cracking up!
    i always know i’m gonna smile and awww and laugh when i visit you.
    you look beautiful with gullible written across your head!!

    i say you take that saved money and treat yourself to something nice…maybe a reallllly fancy new eyelash curler?

  59. Awesome! I’m glad it’s working again!

  60. So glad you were able to fix it yourself and save yourself $180! I think you may have missed your calling! LOL!! Grumpy mom, saves the day!!!

  61. Yay for you! 🙂

    Grateful Grumpy Mom – 1

    Plumber – 0

  62. I am so impressed that you fixed the problem yourself!! I probably would have paid the plumber to take the toilet out. Good for you!

  63. It’s amazing how much they charge for random things! Glad you got your toilet working without having to pay that price!

  64. Have you tried a toilet lock? I’m sure Dax would be able to figure it out, but it might give you a few extra minutes before he gets it open. We often forget to actually use it, but luckily the first thing Arya does is close it for me when she goes to play with the toilet.

  65. Now that’s a supermom 😉

  66. Thedesertrocks says:

    Wanted to comment on the sprinkles but the comment section was closed. Looks like you’re becoming an all around handy-woman. I guess that could make anyone a little grumpy!

  67. You go, mom! (and normally the way things go in my house too)

    Luckily for me, my daughter missed the whole “flushing everything you can get your hands on” phase.

  68. Go you!!! That’s great that you were able to fix it yourself!

  69. Love that you had the plumber come and then you found the solution! You rock!

  70. Wow! That eyelash curler caught me off guard! Nothing like that has ever happened around here. So far, none of my kids have thrown things inside my toilet. I’m thankful for that! But geez, that’s just too funny!

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