Pastimes from the Eve

We had big family party plans for New Year’s Eve.  But during the day, my husband and I needed to get some random stuff done around the house.  My kids were encouraged to help.  Instead, they found other ways to stay occupied.  Mase got into the measuring spoons.teaspoon stuck on fingerI tried everything (butter, string, Windex) but that teaspoon just wouldn’t come off my son’s chunky three-year-old finger.   He didn’t seem to mind.  Mase used the new addition to his advantage.    It made an excellent tool for bopping his brother.

After about eight hours of teaspoon wearing, a pair of jewelry cutters did the trick.

Meanwhile, Evie decided to try on a few extra tops for the occasion.wearing many shirts

Dani was the most helpful.  She got some laundry off the floor and decorated our ceiling fan.clothes hanging from ceiling fan

And my toddler Dax kept busy learning how to use my camera.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Having a wonderfully uneventful day.


  1. oh, how exciting … Your children discover the world in a beautiful way 😉

  2. You know its a wild party when you have clothing hanging from the ceiling fan! Thank goodness Mase didn’t have to wear that measuring spoon his whole life!

  3. I’m impressed he didn’t panic with the spoon on his finger! And that ceiling fan looks like the party was rather wild! 😉

  4. See, you still get to party with your kids in tow! I’m glad Mase’s finger didn’t swell with the teaspoon. I just had a flash back to that papoose thing they’d put kids in at the doctor’s for removals, stitchings and such. It’s very politically incorrect now. Not sure what they have these days?

    • I was grateful it didn’t swell. Though his finger was naturally puffy just above where the teaspoon was stuck, which made it impossible to get off! I don’t think I’ve seen the papoose you speak of, but I’m glad we’ve never needed it! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a busy New Year’s! Hope that the party was fun 🙂

  6. never a dull moment. don’t you love leaving kids to their own devices?

  7. Oh my goodness, the things your kids get into. A lot of that would make me nervous/nutso. Maybe I need to learn to relax! 🙂

  8. sounds very festive. either of my littles would probably have freaked out about the measuring spoon. and i keep finding the most hilarious photos on my iphone–pretty sure they are both guilty of taking them. lots of nick jr celebrities and shoes.

  9. Hilarious!
    My kids love using my iphone’s camera. Sometimes my jaw drops when I see what they record!

  10. Oh my. If someone put clothes on my ceiling fan, they’d need to be rewashed 🙂 sounds like much fun was had in your house!!!

  11. Awe, the laundry on the ceiling fan trick. Brought back a few funny memories our family has experienced.

    Let me just wish you a Happy New Year!

  12. Oh my! All of that happened in one day? Hahahaaa!! Love the comment about the fan making it look like the party was wild!

  13. Glad you got the teaspoon off his finger. I like how your girl decorated the fan 🙂 Happy New Year.

  14. A sitcom couldn’t make this stuff up! Oh my goodness! I can’t even imagine how wild & crazy the “actual” party was that night!!

  15. The fan is awesome, I like the proportions, color aspect ratio, and fluidity of the chosen fabric ;D

  16. Oh my! How did she reach the ceiling fan?

  17. how the heck the laundry got up the ceiling fan??

  18. Oh that ceiling fan photo cracked me right up.

  19. LMAO!! I’m so glad they were so helpful to you. And at least you didn’t have to present to the ER for spoon removal!!!

  20. I thought you meant he wouldn’t take it off, but it actually was stuck. You have non-stop craziness over there!

  21. So hilarious! Love it. They’ll be laughing about this later when they are old enough to laugh at themselves!

  22. Always an adventure at your house, huh? Lol! I can only imagine what a blog by my mom while the 4 of us were young would look like 😉

  23. I’ve been looking for a way to brighten up our ceiling fan. really, although functional, most of them could use some dressing up 😉

  24. Poor Mase! It must have been just tight enough to be stuck, but not tight enough to cut off his circulation??? That’s kindof scary if it would have been that tight! Darn kids, huh? When they are little it is so hard to keep them all out of mischief! At least it makes for fun stories that you will all laugh about for many years!

    • Yes, thankfully his finger naturally puffed out just above the teaspoon, though that also made it impossible to get off.

      I’m glad to be writing down my stories, even if I mostly just write the mischievous ones. 🙂

  25. Oh my! haha!! Looks like your kids keep you very busy…but in a fun way! 🙂 Happy New Year!!!

  26. This is a LOL one. I loved the picturs they are priceless. You have the cutest children ever and very creative. Enjoy those moments; they pass quickly.
    Blessings to you !

  27. Never a dull day at your house, huh? :o) Did anyone turn the fan on to get the clothes to come down!? :o)

  28. At least it kept them busy so they didn’t get into any trouble…

  29. O my I laughed out loud at the beautiful new ceiling fan decorations. 🙂 I just love how creative little kids can be.

    I am glad mine are out of the creative mess making skills and are onto bigger things like bodily harm. :/


  30. Bwahahaha! Your adventures never fail to make me laugh!

  31. Hahahaha! Your kids are nuts! They crack me up!

  32. I love the way Dani puts clothes away. And Evie has excellent style. How was the party?

  33. it’s NEVER boring around your house! hahah! The clothes on the ceiling fan made me laugh out loud! love that!

  34. Hahaaa… I have a million Jaxy taken pictures, looking up his nose! You have some darn CUTE funny kiddos there mama!

    Happy New Year Sweetie! Xo

  35. Wow you definately have some talented children!! It just helps to give you great blog fodder and some funny memories!! Glad you got that spoon off your son’s finger – that is crazy that it got so stuck!!

  36. Socks on the ceiling fan….I never thought of that one. Tell her she is a genius!

  37. Never mind him not freaking out over the measuring spoon – how did you not? That would have wigged me out completely. I love the clothes on the fan – it’s very….”festive.”

    • I actually was worried at first. But once I realized his circulation was OK and he didn’t mind having it on, then it was more humorous to me. Though I was still frustrated that I couldn’t get it off!

  38. how wonderful i love watching kids explore

  39. They are so creative! I love all the shirt layers. It has been cold here. Maybe I should copy her look.

  40. Is that signs of things to come?!? You are off to a great start to the new year 🙂

  41. Well, if there’s ever a good time for the layered look, it’s winter!

    All I could think of with the spoon was Edward Scissorhands. But a spoon definitely isn’t as edgy or movie-worthy as scissors…

  42. I can see that your kids were a big help, haha. At least your life is not boring, I can see that there is always excitement at your house.

  43. HILARIOUS!!!!
    I love that you have taken pictures of such epic moments!

  44. stephanie says:

    your kids crack me up!! I’d looove to visit your house for a day 🙂

  45. Total cracks me up! My kids find the greatest things to do with their time too 😉 I love the ceiling fan clothes! Thanks for sharing!

  46. I can’t believe he kept the measuring spoon on his finger for that long, although I guess if it works for bopping brother in the head it was a fun toy.

  47. He kept that on his finger for that long? Wow. I don’t think I could do that!

  48. haha! your kids crack me up. the ceiling fan picture had me rolling. 🙂

  49. Oh dear, where did you find jewelry cutters? I like that your kids found ways to entertain themselves that made all of us laugh, even if it was less than helpful in your New Year’s Eve preparations!

  50. I am loving your kids through reading your blog. They sound exactly how kids are supposed to be, fun, mischievous, creative and busy. When my kids figured out the whole throwing things on to a running ceiling fan they were in heaven.

  51. Your kiddos seem to have the most fun when the parents are not looking. That seems the best at what they do, uh. I love how he seem to know how to use the camera, say cheeeese 🙂 Love your post.

  52. Hahaha.Laundry on the fan.

  53. Sandra Tyler says:

    Love the ceiling fan! Wanted to wish you a great blogging 2012! And my goal is to reach as many followers as you seemed to have amassedi in a single year!

  54. How did you get it off his finger?

  55. No way!! Can’t believe it was so hard to get off. Glad he didn’t care. I think my kids would have been freaking until it was off. Don’t you love when kids help decorate. I hope tomorrow is a little less eventful for you 🙂

    • It was stuck below the part of his finger that naturally puffed out. That was good because it didn’t cut off his circulation, but it just wouldn’t come off!

      And thankfully this week has been quite uneventful. 🙂

  56. Lol. They keep us hopping, eh?

  57. ohhhh, these four photos are amazing!! the first one had me LOL immediately! i love his “uh oh” face. all those shirts…man, it makes me want to try out that look! and i can’t help but imagine the determination involved to get that ceiling fan decorated!

  58. Your kids are the most creative kids I think I’ve ever seen! And funny…like their mom. 😉

  59. What a hoot! My kids love to throw (clean!) diapers up into the spinning fan and watch Huggies fly across the room. As long as they don’t practice that saying about s**t hitting the fan, I’m OK with it.

  60. LOL your kids have such imaginations!

  61. Oh my gosh! Your kids are a riot! Love it!

  62. OMG I missed this post. The measuring spoon stuck on the finger, thats a new one. Hayden would have been flippin out. Wild party at your house with clothes hanging from the fan even. You guys sure know how to party. LOL!

  63. What big helpers they are!! lol! I really like Evie’s fashion sense. She’d get along GREAT with Babe! 🙂

    Also, thank you for mentioning Mase getting stuck. I forgot all about telling everyone my Christmas handcuff story. That will be my next post!:-)

    And thank goodness for digital cameras! I suppose I’d be more diligent about my kids not playing with my camera if it wasn’t but still…thank goodness!

  64. I would have freaked out with that spoon in his hand. Well still glad you enjoyed your “not-so-planned-party” Haha.

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