Seven Successful Goals for 2012!

boiled eggI’ve mentioned this before.  I have a year-round goal making obsession.  Usually I overdo for New Year’s resolutions, but this time I’m keeping it simple.  Making all my goals possible, even probable.

So here I have:

7 Goals I WILL Succeed at in 2012

I will take down all Christmas decorations before February.
This is ambitious.  Last year my manger scene stayed up until June.

I will attempt to stay on a budget.
My husband finally convinced me of this necessity after holding a budget intervention this past Sunday.  He showed me last month’s bank statement–whoops.

I will convince my husband a trip to Disneyland is in our budget.
I’m sly.

I will eat more hard boiled eggs.
I like them. Not sure why I haven’t eaten more before.

I will buy less junk food.
I’m hoping this will translate to eating less junk food.   Though if any sweet-cookie-baking neighbors happen to stop by, I won’t refuse.  That would be rude.

I will NOT give up my ice cream.
It makes me much nicer to be around.

And #7
This is definitely my most challenging, but needed goal.
 I will get through that dreaded 31-day FlyLady Beginner BabySteps cleaning plan.
I’ve fallen off the FlyLady wagon three times already.  MUST…TRY…AGAIN!

All goals are subject to change and may be altered or dropped due to, but not limited to, unforeseeable circumstances such as motherhood frazzlement, complete mental breakdown, and/or laziness.

 Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of Day:  FlyLady–Day 1

And a big congratulations to Jen from Denton Sanatorium for winning the the Review Extravaganza!


  1. Love your goals!!

    I can’t stick to the fly lady either – good luck!!

  2. I’m still working on goal #1. At least we have 3 weeks to go! Good luck on all your goals for 2012.

  3. I had to re-read the goal of eating more hard boiled eggs and think about that. You know what? I like hard boiled eggs too! And I never make them except at Easter. Why wait one whole year to enjoy something? My outdoor Christmas lights stayed up all year, and may stay up all year this time too. Budget Intervention???!!!! For December???!!! Everyone is over budget in that month! I’m with you on not giving up something that makes you feel better in the crazy manic pace of life. P.S. Thank you for the great comment recently; it’s so nice to have you as my friend. Have a great rest of the week:)

    • I think keeping the Christmas lights up the entire year is a great plan. And I also thought the whole after Christmas budget intervention was crazy, until I saw the statement. Maybe, possibly, I went a little overboard for December. 🙂 So nice to know you too Jenny!

  4. Love the ice cream one.

    I have to work on the budget thing too- so boring though!

    I have no idea what this fly lady is? Off to look her up!

    my 12 year old loves hard boiled eggs- she will eat them anytime!!

  5. Very admirable goals and I think you’ll do great. Tomorrow is Epiphany and I wish I had the desire to leave my decorations up until then but they came down the 26. 🙁 You’re doing better than me!

  6. I’m trying to get back on the FlyLady wagon myself. I’ve fallen off several times so I know where you’re coming from! Good luck!

  7. That FlyLady scares me. The first day I tried to follow her, I spent the entire day obsessing over wiping out the sinks. The rest of my household is not conducive to that particular task. Good luck to you!

  8. Kudos for your goals, maybe you can convince your hubs that an ice cream maker it’s in the budget therefore you could save more money making it yourself (learning to cook-it counts) it would prob be healthier too!
    I’m sure I could go on lol

  9. I’ve never been brave enough to even try Fly Lady. At least you’re making an effort.

    Also, Peebert? The scary rooster was named Peebert? Hee hee.

  10. great goals. I like the adendum that lets you out of any and all resolutions without guilt

  11. you are more ambitious than I. my Christmas decorations as still up, including the real tree, there are freshbaked cookies on the counter and chocolate in my bedside table, and I just can’t seem to muster the motivation to vacuum the basement carpet.
    I’m only going to drag the real tree over it – eventually – anyway. all those pine needles everywhere; why vacuum before that?

    and I guess my Dyson wasn’t in the budget. I’m in silent protest.

  12. Love this! Looks like we are on the same wavelength with our new posts!!

    I am so with you on the Christmas decor, the eggs, and going to Disneyland!!

    I have never heard of the Flylady – I guess I need to go check that one out, especially since my house needs a thorough…something. Yeah, it needs help.

    Have a great day!

  13. It’s so funny what you said about the Christmas decorations because this is a recurring nightmare of mine. It is June and my Christmas tree is still up, I wake up in a cold sweat fearing that this really happened! Because of this I take my tree down New Years day, although I will leave a bowl of Christmas/Winter things around till mid-Jan. I love your resolutions!!! And, I love you!!!

  14. Good luck! 🙂 They all seem like pretty attainable goals, minus the staying on budget. I’m awful at that, but my husband is even worst, SOOOOOO, it’s not really a good combo! 😉 And I agree…I could NEVER give up ice cream! 🙂

    Hears to a great 2012 for you and your beautiful family! 🙂

  15. I think those goals are attainable, especially the ice cream one! haha

    I need to check out the fly lady… cause I sho’ need some help in the cleaning area.

  16. Great goals Janae! Flylady, love that women but I too fell off the wagon a few times. Shes tough! I just ate two hard boiled eggs for breakfast, quick, easy and good protein to start the day. You should eat them more often.

  17. all seems to be do able except for item no 2…at least for me. Am always over budget :p

  18. Wow! Just checked out the flylady blog and it looks like something i need to do!…. but get dressed first thing in the morning….let’s be honest… I stay in my pjs til we leave the house!

  19. Ha! I love the disclaimer! ;o) And I agree with #2…I need to do that, too. Although, I didn’t make it one of my resolutions this year because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to follow through. My husband is an accountant and I’m an impulse shopper – it’s always a clash of wills when it comes to the budget, so we just don’t talk about it anymore. ;o)

  20. These are fantastic goals! Especially the ice cream and Disneyland ones!

  21. My awesome wonderful husband cleans up all christmas related stuff before my birthday on the 3rd of january. 🙂

    I have never really gotten into the Fly Lady stuff. I know several people who like it a lot but for me it just doesn’t work. Of course having older kids and making them responsible for helping clean up is a major plus. 🙂

    Nice goals, I hope you accomplish them all.

  22. Haha! I used to keep all decor up AND lit till after the 26 for lissas birthday, but I am vowing to take it down as well…..and Disney….well it actually IS saving money for us lol, we are doin that instead of home…..and it’ll be cheaper!!

  23. Disneyland IS the reason that I am staying on budget! Hoping for May!!!

    Hard boiled Eggs is thrifty too.. so bonus!!

    You crack me up. Nativity in June.. hahahahaha!

  24. I like your goals because I have already taken down my decorations and Ice cream/frozen yogurt is always in the house. I am curious about the cleaning challenge, I’ve got to click on that and find out what it’s all about.

    I adore Disneyland. February is a good time to go. When I first moved to Temecula and knew almost no one and my girls were little I bought us season passes and we went 16 times (I like to get my money’s worth). Whatever you do don’t go in the summer or around Christmas.

  25. Maybe we can make a deal on this cookie-making thing since I couldn’t possibly refuse a kind neighbor either. What day should we exchange a nice BIG plateful?

  26. Mommy Talk With Steph says:

    Those are great great goals for 2012! Good job! You should totally go to Disneyland! I love Disneyland! Good luck with attempting to stay on budget. 🙂 Anyway…thanks for sharing! Helped to get me motivated to write down my own goals for the year!

  27. I think you have attainable goals. Ice cream is a must have in my household.

    Happy wife happy life!!

  28. I like your goals. Except flylady. She drove me insane. Housecleaning is a little easier for me since I don’t have little ones anymore.

    Ice cream is totally one of the four food groups!

  29. We are so much alike! My family is back to not buying junk food. Ice cream is the only exception and I will NOT give that up! I figure I’m allowed one guilty pleasure to hold onto. Have an excellent 2012!

  30. I alway forget one random bit of decorations. And then months later when I find it, I’m very confused about how I could miss the 3 ft snowman that stands right next to the front door.

  31. Lemme just say: it’s not fair to use DECEMBER or NOVEMBER bank statements to stage an intervention!! LOL

  32. Okay… so #2 doesn’t count. Last month was Christmas! I’m in your corner there. 🙂

    And for #7… we covered this on my blog, remember? haha… You don’t need FlyLady. You just need to watch Hoarders and then your house will feel clean!

    I love your resolutions. They are right up my ally!

  33. Oh, I am going to jump on the FlyLady wagon with you…and you’re smart to keep the ice cream. That shows what a great mom/wife you are! Happy New Year!

  34. I’m going to have to try that babysteps cleaning. Awesome idea! We too have to stick to a major budget this year. I’m teaching less, so less money. It’s a hard switch. Wishing us both luck!

  35. Those sound like great goals to me! Hooray for NOT giving up ice cream, lol.

  36. Good luck!!! I should eat more hard boiled eggs, too. And feed them to my kids more.

  37. Good goals! Be glad I don’t live next to you–I have a chronic baking habit.

    I’ll try to join you on the cleaning goal. I haven’t made resolutions but that one sounds as good as any!

    Best of luck with your goals. Keep us updated with how they’re going!

  38. There you go again LOL on this one. I loved your goals; they were awesome.
    Please keep me posted on how your flylady cleaning is doing. I so need some help. I know for sure that my Christmas decorations are going to be up for a while. I asked my husband when he could help me and he thought we should just keep them up until next year. I really don’t want my Visiting Teachers to still see my decorations up; but they love to come the first of the month so I am dead on that one.
    Thanks for the laughts today; it was fun.

  39. Love the goals! I’m just trying to get over my sugar addictions…it seems to happen every time this year…I didn’t do too bad yesterday but then I went and made brownies for dessert last night 🙁 well today is another day.

  40. I had stockings up until Aug. one year. LOL Can’t wait to see how you do! And now, I am headed over to fly lady to see how it works. I haven’t looked at that site for a long time. 🙂

  41. Your disclaimer statement at the end is funny. I love FlyLady! Her book and cleaning methods have made it much easier to keep my house clean on a regular basis. You can do it this time!

  42. I can’t even pick which goal is my favorite because they all had me laughing. I loved slipping Disney into the budget because you are sly and well, I have a bowl of ice cream almost every night (some people have wine, I have peanut butter cup ice cream) and my husband says I’m mean without it too so I totally support you in that one!

  43. Totally with ya on the ice cream. It so makes EVERYTHING better, even mommy! Also, thank you for not taking your x-mas stuff down yet! Me neither) You always make me feel better. Xo

  44. Love this!! The fly lady e-mails got to be TOO much for me though. There are some great tips in there that I’ve added to my cleaning routine. Fourth time is a charm, right? 😉
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  45. Awesome fine print!!! I LIKE it. =)

    My nativity once stayed up for 12 whole months. It saved time not having to set it up that 2nd Christmas! This year, my tree started shedding needles like crazy, so we just set the whole thing outside the door, still lit. It’s really pretty!

  46. Good luck my friend!! And I agree, don’t give up something you love as much as ice-cream, that would be crazy!!

  47. you are awesome. Period.

  48. I read about the first day of the Fly Lady and couldn’t imagine not using my sink for dirty dishes, so I gave up on her.

    Although, I found a site that has helped me get in the mood to declutter. It’s or something of that effect. I didn’t faint when I read the first day, so I am giving it a go.

    I can’t give up my nightly indulgence eaither….although I have swapped icecream for frozen yogurt.

  49. LOL Will not give up Ice Cream…HOW did I forget to put that on my resolutions list?

  50. very good goal list i especially like the one about the christmas decorations

  51. I am loving your list!! You know how to make the year a good one! But…less junk food? Hmmm, I have to think about that! 🙂

  52. Happy New Years! Good luck on all of your goals…especially the ice-cream eating one. 🙂

  53. —I love the idea that you will be keeping icecream in your diet :))) X

  54. Good Goals! When I was much younger. my neighbor’s kids came to hang out with my kids, but just wanted my attention. So I made cookies with them, returned the kids to the mom with the cookies– she threw them away immediately. I was stunned!!!! and offended!!! Now I just laugh at the whole thing. Some people are so funny about food.

  55. stephanie says:

    great goals! and I love hardboiled eggs but hardly make or eat them

  56. Love your goals! I also love hard boiled eggs but don’t know why I never make them. And the Fly Lady? Scares me. I’ve never tried it.

  57. If I lived closer to you I could share some of the cupcakes I just made to help you save money.

  58. I got all fired up about Fly Lady once, but she’s so stuck on that sink thing, and my hubs would work late and mess up the sink every single time after I was asleep, so I couldn’t even get that one thing right! Good luck with your goals!

  59. I hope you and Fly Lady are doing well 🙂 And I think Disney World is budget friendly…I mean it should be if it is the most wonderful place on earth!

  60. Awesome goals!! I’ve never tried the Fly Lady system. I’m sure I would have fallen off the wagon several times, too. I’ve never been able to stick to anything that has to do with a cleaning schedule. Usually, I clean when things start to get so dirty that I just can’t stand them any more. And that doesn’t always happen on the same schedule. ‘Cause sometimes I can close my eyes!! I hope you have a very wonderful 2012!! I’m so looking forward to your posts in the New Year!

  61. Really ambitious goals. You are my hero. My goals? Are to get out of the house within 30 mins. It usually takes me 90. Sad but true goal

  62. I’ve heard of this here Fly Lady. Go you.

    Eggs? I love them. Incredibly!

  63. Great list! I have a few of those goals myself.

  64. It’s all about reasonable goals right? Well done on all of them. I see success in your future. And I just rememebered that Splenda forgot to put away the santa kneeling over the baby Jesus decoration. I’ll get him right on that!

  65. your goals sound a lot like mine 🙂 i try and try to not buy junk food, but it somehow shows up anyway…

  66. Hm, I’ve never heard of that FlyLady thing, so I’m intrigued. I am definitely less on top of the household stuff since I started blogging. My New Year’s resolution was to get better at scouting LivingSocial & Groupon for maid service deals. 😛

    And high five on not giving up ice cream! NEVER give up ice cream!

  67. Good luck with your goals. I am sure you will do great with all of them.

  68. I am trying to FLY too….she says with her sink full of dirty dishes! *heh*

  69. I was wondering about the beginning photo of the egg?! I love them deviled…so good:) This FLY thing seems interesting too.

  70. I know I won’t break any resolutions this year—because I decided not to make any. But if I did, I can’t imagine hard boiled eggs would be on the list. haha!

  71. I think we are sisters separated at birth! My Christmas decor stays up for along time as well. 🙂 I’m glad you won’t give up ice cream … it is too good.

  72. Good luck with your goals! You can do it!
    I just took down Christmas yesterday. This was early for me!

  73. Good luck with your goals. My SIL started a FB group for the 30 FLY Lady baby steps. I didn’t make it. I did try. But then we moved, and it all went down hill from there. lol! I’m starting up again. So good luck!

  74. i like hard boiled eggs too!
    we have GOT to get this tree out of here. it is sagging like you can’t believe. we plan on chuckin’ it out the sliding door and over the deck. hopefully, it gets done tonight.
    never give up on ice cream! 🙂
    i hope you and your family get to disneyland!! i’d love to read about your adventures <3

  75. These are awesome! I just took my Christmas decor down on Thursday. I hate putting it up and especially taking it down. I definitely need to be on a budget as well.

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