Twas the Night of a Mother

Twas a peaceful night and all through the house,
Not a child was stirring, not even a spouse.
I was up late, getting ready for bed.

That’s when it started, a commotion from my redhead.
She was so ill…needed to throw up.
I gave her a cuddle, a bowl, then a drink from a cup.

Calm again was my home and that’s when I heard,
My toddler start wailing.  He was backed up–oh my word!
Finally, fast asleep we all fell.

And then my other son awoke with a YELL.
His overnight diaper just wasn’t in place.
His bedding was soaked.  He had a sad face.

Back to bed, I sat up to an  “ahhhh!”
A scary dream from my oldest.  She wanted her ma.

You may be wondering, where was my husband when all this went down?
Snoring away.  He didn’t hear a sound.

A true story from this past Friday night.
As for my better half.  We’re good friends again.
After my long night, he let me sleep in.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal: Appreciating my days (and nights) as a mom.


  1. Ha ha, poetry from a real mom. Love it!

  2. This is awesome! A poetic picture of a common happening!

  3. How do they sleep through it all?!

  4. Isn’t that always how it works? They can sleep through anything! I love your poem. 🙂

    I hope everyone is feeling better and I hope you feel rested!

  5. I love this!! It amazes me how much can happen while my husband is “asleep”!!! My mother tells stories of how she had actually taken me to the hospital a few times in a really bad asthma attack only for my father to still be sleeping when she returned! I’m glad he redeemed himself!! xo

  6. Lol I was going to say… he had better let you sleep late. I hate to say this, but with my husband I hear the kids and pretend to be asleep until he gets up and deals with whatever is going on hehehe. I figured I gave birth to them, the lest he could do is get up in the middle of the night with them.

  7. Cute “story”!

  8. Awesome poetry!! I’ve had way too many nights like that myself lol! I will never understand how my husband could just keep snoring through it all. We’re friends again, too, but there were days lol.

  9. omg, i hope everyone is well and you get some more rest!!!

  10. a real mom poetry

  11. This was fantastic! Sorry your night took such a bad turn but so happy you have the husband you do that let you recover the next morning with a much needed sleep in. I cracked up when you wrote he was snoring away. So much happens in the middle of the night in our house and my husband is totally clueless. He always says, “Really?! I didn’t hear a thing.”

    • I think it’s a husband epidemic. Though funny enough, if I go to bed later than my husband, I often make too much noise and wake him up as I’m getting ready for bed. Hmmm. I think he may have selective hearing like my kids. 🙂

  12. I really don’t understand how they can sleep through all of that! My kids rolls over down the hall and I hear them! A child coming in our room and screaming won’t even wake him up!

    Great poem…and I’m glad you got to sleep late!! That makes it (a little) better.

  13. I remember those days! That’s why I have so many wrinkles…I mean laugh lines…on my face!

  14. My son just awoke a few hours ago with a nightmare and whose side of the bed does he come to……mine, always. I hear his little feet as soon as they hit the floor from his bed, Glenn of course doesn’t hear a thing.

  15. Such talent…you and Shakespeare! Sorry for the rough night. My sweetie sleeps through it all too. But in his defense, he usually has to go to work in the morning and I get to sleep in.

  16. that is great. sorry you had a crappy night but glad you got to sleep in. I swear husbands have a special sense that allows them to tune out the children at night

  17. Lol our Fridays were similar, however my hubby didn’t get off so easy! Glad u got sleep!

  18. I’m SO glad he let you sleep in!!! 😉 Hope all the kiddos are feeling better!

  19. Eh, you poor thing! And yet you still have the brain power to come up with this little number. I’m impressed! I hope all the kids are feeling better and you finally got some sleep!!!

    • I know! Poor me. Thankful for my excessive brain power for this masterpiece. 😉 We’re all doing very well! Most nights are actually easy around here. I just need to make myself go to bed earlier.

  20. stephanie says:

    oooooh goodness! sounds like a night in my house! makes me feel all stabby towards the hubs haha

  21. I have tagged you in a few questions. If you want to play along here is the link

  22. Love the poem – so great.
    These kind of nights always happy when mine is on the night shift. I think the kids instinctively know daddy will just put a new diaper on and tell them to sleep on the floor, pass them a bucket and a towel and a few “aiming” tips, and ix-nay on the water – you just wet the bed for heaven sakes!
    Mama’s definitely the softie.
    But ALL are wise enough to let mama bear sleep an extra few the next morning. And both my 7 year old son and 4 1/2 year old daughter know how to work the Keurig.

    • Your comment about your husband was hilarious! I think we women generally have a different way of handling things.

      And not having my husband around at night would be much harder! Just knowing I can wake him up if I really need him is comforting.

      I love that your kids know what to do when you need extra sleep. I’ll have to work on that with mine. 🙂

  23. This sounds like my house! Complete with the snoring husband…

  24. Loved the poem. I wonder how they can sleep so calmly throughout the chaos!

  25. Reason # 126 why you Rock mama! HAhaaa… this was the best, my new fav!

    My hubby could sleep through all that, no problem. He’d be sorry in the morning though. Lol) This mama would also be slepping in!

    Actually though I only have one lil munchkin, I have had many of “those” nights. I give you major props, I really want to have another babe, but OMG… kinda sca ry. lol) Xo

  26. I knew your hubs was snoring away. LOL

  27. Ha ha look at you using your poetry skills! I am amazed that you get any sleep with that bunch 🙂

  28. How long did it take you to write that with all the rhyming and things???

    Glad you got to sleep in! 🙂 Have a fantastic day!

  29. Oh…what a rough, rough night. Makes you want to “quit” doesn’t it?

  30. I love this!!!! Can’t stop laughing, and I can completely relate. My husband doesn’t hear anything while he sleeps!

  31. This is very clever Janae! Sorry for your rough night! That was good of your husband to let you sleep in, you deserved it!

  32. Great poem! hahaha. I would never have put it to poetry. What a wonderful attitude.

  33. Love the poem:)

  34. This sounds like my life two weekends ago except the husband was also sick. Not fun at all.

  35. Very, very clever poem! And good thing he let you sleep in after he missed all the fun. 😉

  36. That is so true that our spouses don’t hear a sound! It’s crazy, isn’t it? I think they do it on purpose…

  37. I love how you wrote this up. It’s amazing how often moms lose a few hours sleep to wet diapers, nightmares etc. Just wait until they’re teens and they wake you up at 2am saying “mom can we talk?” I don’t think I’ve ever yet said no.

  38. Your husband sounds like mine. My husband can sleep through just about anything.

  39. —Ahhh,
    it sounds like you need a night out and a nice glass or two of good wine Xx

  40. I am beyond impressed with your creative writing skills! I am also impressed with your husband’s sleeping skills. 😉

  41. Oh no!!!!! Poor you 🙁
    Glad you got a sleep in though!
    Maybe you should just stay up at night, be nocturnal.
    Hope all your kiddos are better, happy and comfortable.

  42. I sympathize!!!

    I have had nights like this.. and they are HARD.

    Hope you have had some more sleep since.

  43. Haaahaaa, you’re awesome. Pretty sure that was my night last night and I did NOT get to sleep in. I think I’ll be forwarding this to the Hubs today 🙂

  44. All in one night!! Man when it rains it pours. After the throw up I would have been kicking him making him deal with the next incident. Awesome poem by the way

  45. Love it. Isn’t it amazing what husbands will sleep through?

  46. i love how you turned such a busy and eventful night into such sweet poetry! 🙂
    i laughed at the end, where you mentioned your husband’s snoring. ohhh, i read about so many of our men snoring the house down. i know mine does!!!
    so sweet of him to let you get your rest and sleep in.

    thank you so much for your thoughtful words on my last post. it means a lot.
    i hope you’re having a nice week! i’m off to catch up on your past posts!

  47. well, I did enjoy your poem!!
    and, my husband is quite the snorer too… nothing could get him up.
    ESPECIALLY when it comes to puke, pee and poop LOL
    hope everyone is healthy

  48. Great prose! I smell a Pulitzer prize! I remember these days of sick kids & bad dreams. It will be so short lived that later you will actually *miss* it. Well, maybe not the vomit! As a thank you to my readers, I’m hosting a give-away for a beautiful clock. Pop over if you’d like to enter & thank you for following!

    Warmly, Michelle

  49. Mine sleeps through it all, too. Drives me crazy.

  50. Ugh, that must have been the longest night ever!! And my husband does the EXACT same thing! And then he wonders why I’m crabby and tired the next day 😉

  51. I didn’t know you were a poet?! Loved this one:) That was really good. Glad you and the hubby still like each other;)

  52. Great poem.

    My husband would have probably slept through it all too. Grr.

  53. Bless your heart! Thank goodness you got to sleep in. Isn’t it amazing how husbands can sleep through that stuff? Or the kids don’t usually want the daddy anyway.

  54. This is awesome! I am so impressed with your mad poetry skillz! I hope everyone’s puke-free and regular again!

  55. Great poem! How could your husband sleep through all that and how could not wake him up!!! Hope everyone is okay 🙂

  56. Love it! You need to write a children’s book of rhymes. Or a satirical one for the parents!

  57. Absolutely know how this goes… Hubby sleeps through anything and makes me so jealous, lol

  58. Oh this made me laugh! Truly funny, great poem.

  59. The poem speaks the feelings of a true mom. Sometimes you need to pretend you’re wonder woman to be able to attend to your family’s needs.

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