Motherhood Methods

Some days I feel a bit lacking in my motherly ways.  Thankfully, my 3 year old (Rose) steps in when needed.   For instance–this week:

My 16 month old (Hen) is obsessed with the mysteries of our bathroom.  A few days ago he unearthed his latest passion–the potty pile-up.

Me: (sternly while shaking my finger):  Hey, you can’t put stuff in the potty.  No.

Hen was mildly amused by my reprimand, though screams of agony followed as I dared to remove him from his favorite room.

Rose came along as the ugly scene was unfolding and took control.

Rose: (shaking her finger at me): Mommy!  Stop it!  You’re making Hen cry!  He’s just a baby!

Me: (adamantly)  Buuut, you don’t understand.  Hen was putting stuff in the potty and he needed to know…

Rose: (ignoring mom and tenderly hugging distressed brother):  I love you Hen.  It’s ok.  I’ll take care of you.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Lessons in motherhood from Rose.