I Had No Idea

Amazing happenings at our house this week.  Some days I just have no idea what lies in store for me.

First up, I had no idea my 15 month old (Hen) could stand on his bike handle bars and play the piano.  So talented.

Also, I have no idea why my 3 year old (Rose) decided to wad up paper, soak it in water, then gleefully give it to me as a gift.  Three so far this week!  Though, she was a bit selfish and kept this soggy paper pet for herself.

Next, and particularly mind boggling: my 13 year old accidentally cracked her bedroom window this week.  I had no idea she was so fond of the window:

Dani: (dramatically sobbing)  “I’m deh-eh-vastated!!!  I loooved that window!  If Yoda was heeeere, he’d say, there’s been a gre-eh-ate disturbance in the fo-o-orce!”  Truly, still no idea about that one.

And another atrocity from this week–I have no idea where this damage in my outside fence came from…bullet hole???

Lastly, Aprils’s Fools was…eventful.  I had no idea my 11 year old, Evie, could be so mischievous.  For one of her multiple deceptions, she decided to fill vanilla Oreo cookies with a mixture of toothpaste and flour.  Evie then (sweetly) offered a toothpaste Oreo to her 8 year old brother, Mase.  Sadly for her, the sinister cookie plot was foiled:

Mase: (sincerely)  “Mmm…minty…this is soooo good!”

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  I have no idea.