Blog Bluffing: I’m Coming Clean!

A few days ago, I had an unusual blog experience.   I was checking up on one of my earliest blog buddies.  I didn’t know her well, but she has a cute site and had been expecting her first baby.

I noticed she already had her baby, in June.  I looked at her latest entry.  There were several anonymous comments.

They pointed out that her timeline didn’t match up.  According to her previous posts, her baby should have been due in September of this year, but here was a full-term baby in June.

There were more discrepancies, not just with her timeline, but with what she was writing.   After looking over some of her posts, I still want to be wrong, but it seems she didn’t actually have a baby.

I’m hoping there’s some good explanation?  A miscarriage she was embarrassed about?  A secret adoption? Maybe she was an undercover blogging special agent!   OR, it could all have been a hoax?  She may not even be a she!

A couple of you may know who I’m talking about.  I’d rather not mention her name or blog.

She hasn’t deleted the questioning comments, nor has she refuted them.  So, I thought I would set the example and fess up to a few things of my own.

My Twelve Tiny Blog Bluffs
and Confessions

 **I’m adding this late because I saw some confusion, but you just need to click on the subjects (like Snapping) to find more information about a particular story.**

#1 Snapping

I may have said implied that I don’t yell at my kids, only snap.  It’s possible one of my recent snaps came out a bit like a yell, but only once…a day.  And since I’m talking about me, I’m planning to whiten my teeth soon, but I deceptively whitened them (using Picnic) for my blogging profile photo.

Evie’s twenty-two rock babies are still very precious, but they are being completely neglected!

#3 Our Pet Snail

My daughter’s pet snail met it’s doom in the dishwasher.  Today, I’m coming cleanish.  Maybe the snail cup had been sitting in the kitchen and I might have unintentionally dumped him in the dishwasher…but I can’t be sure.

I was going to stop listening to questionable lyrics around my kids.  That “Catch a Grenade” song came on the radio while I was driving with my children this week.  It’s just so catchy!  I left it on.  Hopefully, we will still not have any more grenade ditty’s on our way to church.
I admitted to eating an entire bag of Three Musketeers Marshmallows, BUT, I didn’t actually finish off one bag of Halloween candy.  I finished off two.  The kids helped me (a little) with the second bag, so I didn’t think that should count.

#6 Jail

 You may already know, I used to have a real jail in my home.  My confession: some days I would like to have a jail again–to keep my rambunctious kids in!
After our big oil disaster, I haven’t been so good at keeping the oil up high, like I professed I would.  We’ve had two more oil spills.  One of them, just this week!
  He’s still dressing backwards and most days I don’t say anything.  I’ve decided to let this cute phase last into his teenage years.
  Despite my goal to appreciate the new scissored look of my couch, I’m NOT.
We are those neighbors again.  Our great beauty of a van has returned to reside in front of our house…and may never leave.  Though, my neighbors might.
This one isn’t my fault!  I intended to throw away that terrible elk, but my husband wouldn’t let me.  He insisted requested we save it, to help keep the freezer cold.  Years from now…when we move into the nursing home… I will have my grandkids finally toss that smelly elk!

I was going to get rid of my son’s weapon also, but, much like the elk, it still stays with us…no one is safe!
Ahhh…I feel much better getting that out.
Confessing about having a fictitious baby might be a bit more difficult, but I think freeing also.
I’ve been a little concerned since this whole blog incident happened, but I’m fairly certain most of my other blog friends are completely real…right?
Grumpy Mom Goal: No more songs about grenades.