Tales of my TV News Journey: Part 2 of 3

 An Unforgettable Moment

After I dodged the tornado in August, I still couldn’t find a broadcasting job!  I was broke, so I stayed in Salt Lake and finally got a job at a ski shop in nearby Park City, then took a lift operator position at Deer Valley ski resort.

I kept applying for on-camera news positions out of state, but also applied to be a news producer at a Boise, Idaho television station.  On-camera jobs were so competitive and I had to be realistic with my job expectations.

I drove up to Boise and did a lengthy interview with a woman who was in charge of hiring.   It went fabulously!

I knew I could do that job well.  I was confident and sure I was going to be a news producer and move to Boise.  Except, I didn’t get the job.  Or, any other news job!  Arg!

So, in Salt Lake I remained.   My older brother and sister-in-law were living in Texas at the time, but they were visiting family a few hours away, near Idaho Falls.  My sister-in-law had gone through a miscarriage, but was now 22 weeks pregnant, with twins!

But there were some terrible complications while they were in Idaho. My sister-in-law was transferred down to a Salt Lake hospital.  On December 8th, my father’s birthday, she lost her little boy, Corban, but gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lisa Zoe.   Lisa weighed one pound.

I wish I could say I was a huge comfort and help to my brother and sister-in-law, but I wasn’t.  Being young and not having any children of my own, I couldn’t comprehend the depth of their pain.  I didn’t know what to say or how to act.  Still, I got to hold my precious little niece in the palms of my hands and I will cherish that experience forever.  Lisa passed away December 18th, in my brother’s arms.

I’m so grateful I didn’t get that job.
Grateful Mom Goal:  Cherishing my little ones.

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