My Anniversary Present

Last July, life was busy!  My husband and I completely forgot our anniversary, until my Mom called, “Happy anniversary!”

This year my husband decided to make it memorable.  He found discounted paragliding tickets.  My parents would even be passing through town to watch the kids.

This wouldn’t be my first time flying.  I’m actually quite experienced in the world of aviation.

While my friends were all having high school graduation parties, my parents took me skydiving instead.

We went static line, which means I wasn’t strapped to anyone, but my shoot would be pulled open by the plane, just a few seconds after I fell.

I was excited, but terrified!  I’d never even been in a plane before!

The worst part–you couldn’t just jump out of the plane.  That would be too easy!  Instead you had to pull this Indiana Jones type maneuver and walk out onto the plane’s wing, while it was in the air!  Then jump! 

My parents were kind enough to let me go first.   There were some bars to hold onto, but after only a few steps, I couldn’t hold on!  The wind blasted me off the wing.  I was completely disoriented for a few seconds.  The chute thankfully opened.


It was so beautiful and calm as I made the lengthy float down.  Truly a phenomenal experience…until I semi-crash landed and got tangled up in a cornfield.

After college,  I wanted to try bungee jumping.  Skydiving was so fun.  I thought this would be easy in comparison.  I jumped with confidence…until I starting falling!

I wanted down!  But I was stuck!  Up and down again and again…and again.   It was terrible and seemingly endless!   I could barely walk afterwards, my legs were shaking so badly.  I will NEVER go bungee jumping again.

So, back to paragliding.  I wasn’t sure.  This time I was strapped to someone.   Not the most romantic anniversary as that someone wasn’t my husband, but I was grateful he seemed to know what he was doing.

 There wasn’t much wind, so my instructor told me I had to start running down the cliff! 

 The running was scary, but the flying…awesome!

My husband had gone first and nearly had a hang glider crash into him after he landed.  My landing was not so eventful.  I was just happy to not be tangled up in a corn field. 

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Appreciating my groundedness, but hopeful to go flying again. 

I’m adding this several days after I posted, because my parents just reminded me of a detail I forgot:   On our skydiving adventure, one of the men that jumped immediately before us had a small mishap.  His para-shoot didn’t open!  Luckily, his much smaller back-up shoot saved him, though he came down quickly and semi-crashed into a muddy field about a mile away from his target.

And I’d like to amend my goal: Forever appreciating my groundedness.