Warning: Don’t Leave Anything!

I know I probably shouldn’t share this story.  It makes me look bad, but I think you’re all better off knowing. 
I can’t be trusted!

My husband’s childhood friend, Troy, was passing through town with his family and crashed at our house for the night.

A few days later, I noticed something in our basement. 

A blanket.

It was a little ratty.  Possibly a treasured baby blanket, but they didn’t call looking for it.  Maybe it wasn’t even theirs.  I was lazy.  I just didn’t feel like mailing that blanket.  So, I didn’t.

A couple weeks later we got something in the mail.   A small package from Troy’s wife.  Inside was the tiniest barbie doll shirt.  They had accidentally taken it and wanted to return it.  Are you kidding me!?!  Who takes the time to mail a barbie shirt?

We surely wouldn’t have missed that barbie shirt, but I guess that’s what good people do.  Return things.

You’d think I would have finally mailed that blanket, right?  Only I didn’t.  I intended to, but I kept procrastinating.   Then, I was sure they’d be coming back through town…anytime. 

It’s been about three years now.  We never used the blanket–too much guilt. 

FINALLY, my husband and his friend were both visiting Boise at the same time this past weekend.  I wrote myself about five notes so I wouldn’t forget it.  Sure, Troy’s kids are practically grown and probably don’t want the blanket anymore, but I was ready to be rid of my guilt.

I approached the wife with the blanket.  And a bonus, one of my children had smeared chocolate on it in the car.

She was gracious and laughed about it.  Yes, they’re good people.   Though I’m not so sure they’ll be visiting again.

Now I just need to take back this spoon.

My husband accidentally took it home from a Christmas church potluck in 2009.   It’s a great spoon, but I don’t use it either.  I just keep forgetting to take it to church.  I mean there have only been about 79 Sundays.

So, if you ever stop by and visit me, I’m warning you now.  Please don’t leave anything!  Though, we may still snatch it from you at a potluck, while you’re not watching.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Week:  Return the spoon!