You know how something sounds like a really good idea at about three in the morning, but maybe not so much a little later in the day.  That’s how I feel about this page.  I know this is a lot too little, a little to late, but my intentions are good, so I’m sticking with it.

I have a terrible, awful, guilt-rendering confession.  I don’t re-gift awards.  I hope we can still be friends.

I have been thrilled to get awards, but because I don’t re-gift them, I don’t officially earn them, so, I don’t post them on my site.  Then!  I think people feel sorry for me, assuming I don’t have any awards, and give me one.

So, this is my, better late than never, public thank you to my fabulous blog awarding friends, some of which have deserted me already for more grateful (possibly interesting) blog buddies.   But, I love you anyhow, except for fake pregnant blog awarding lady.

Here is a slowly-updated list of the last four lovely people who have awarded me.  Thank you!!!

Mommy Inconsistent
I love this girl! Jill is hilarious. You just need to check her out yourself to see.

A Mommy’s Lifestyle
Lindsay started blogging this year and has wonderful posts about fashion, fun, and family. She also has a big sweet tooth. Me to. 🙂

There’s Just One Mommy
An excellent craft site for anyone with kids!  Interesting facts: “One Mommy” has small feet and loves to mow her lawn with her rider mower.

Snips of Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
Jennifer just started blogging consistently a couple of months ago.   She teaches Kindergarten and is the proud mamma to three boys.  She loves baths and ice cream.  I love reading her stories!