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Motherly Mishaps

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mom.  Yet, some days are more successful than others. Last week my six-year-old, Evie, got some juice out of the fridge without asking.    She insisted … [Continue reading]


I hear it--a confident knock on the door. My kids race to open it. "Stop!" It's too late. There they are.  Two well-dressed, 20-something boys ready to sell me something. "Let me first … [Continue reading]

Good News! Regression Repression

You know how some days you feel like you're regressing.  You feel grumpier, the house gets messier, and the kids are fighting more and more!  Maybe that's just me.  Yet!  There's been a plethora of … [Continue reading]

Family Politics

My husband and I watch and read an abundance of news, especially in big election years.  I'm always curious to see the different strategies the candidates employ. My kids would fit right in. My … [Continue reading]

Almost Back!

This blog will be back in working order by Wednesday. And now, I leave you with a random candid photo I've entitled, Attack of the Giant Climbing One-Year-Old Hope everyone's doing well! Grumpy … [Continue reading]

Good News! Taking A Break

messy miscellaneous drawer

Yesterday was my one year blog anniversary!   One year!   It's been such a wonderful experience.   But lately, I think I've been taking my blogging self a little too seriously. So, I'm doing my … [Continue reading]

Makeup: Why Do You Wear It?

same woman with and without makeup

"When can I start wearing real makeup mom?" "Never.  Why do you want to wear it?" "To make me look prettier. " "You are beautiful.  Makeup couldn't make you look any prettier." "Then why do … [Continue reading]

Wacky White Wonders

I'm sharing some favorite family pastimes today. We love... Games Bubbles and Crafts Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Staying in mess prevention mode. I'll be linking this up with Proud … [Continue reading]

Good News! A Monumental Moment

My (often shy) six-year-old, Evie, is usually a complete ham around our family.  She's started coming out of her shell in smaller groups, though kindergarten has been a challenge.  There are too many … [Continue reading]

Anyone Else???

painted purple toes

Just wondering... Anyone else LOVE looking through cookbooks and watching The Food Network much more than actually cooking? Still hoping my love for cooking will blossom. Anyone else paint their … [Continue reading]